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The new semester began, with a large number of new students to enter the school, the complex number of editing and input work began. According to the Chinese custom, the traditional approach is this: let each student to the number of his surname strokes, and then according to the number of strokes from the student's surname from less to more automatic arranging. Then add in the first year, Grade (department), class, such as 06 first grade Two classes are "060102" start. Then there is a lot of input work. These tasks not only require a large amount of manpower, but also error prone. Is there a simple and quick way to do the above work? Yes, it is! Use the WPS2005 form to get you to do the work quickly and well, and to say bye bye the cumbersome and error-prone work.

First, the format study number

1. Select the student name Data area we have entered, click the Data Drop-down menu, click Sort, and click Options in the Sort tab to see Figure 1:

Figure 1

2. In the Sort Options tab, in the "Mode" column, select "Sort Strokes" Figure 2:

Figure 2

3, click "OK"

So we entered the student names by the number of strokes from less to more rows, see Figure 3:

Figure 3

Second, learn number entry

1, select the area to enter the study number, click Right I, select the format cells (F) See Figure 4:

Figure 4

2. In the Cell Format tab, select Number, category, select Custom, and in the Type column, enter 060102 00, and click OK. Figure 5:

Figure 5

3, in the A3 input "1", will automatically become "06010201". The following number can be automatically populated: the mouse to move to the lower right A3, then a "+" symbol, click left I drag down. Such a complex number of editing and typing work so easily completed, Figure 6:

Figure 6

We can also quickly enter data with common characteristics by reference to this method.

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