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I have been reading some forums and blogs about Google Adsense recently. I think it is necessary to concentrate these skills in one place, and I have also written a few tips on my own. First, let's talk about some Basic general knowledge, and then gradually discuss more specific theme.

  Create an empire?

When you decide to become a website advertisement publisher, you will fall into two different types of strange circles:

Released 100 websites that earn $1 a day.

Publish a website that earns $100 a day.

The reality is that most people will eventually become one of the two. Having 100 websites will make you tired of maintenance, management, and content construction. Having one website will keep you subject to various fluctuations and changes (such as search engine algorithm changes and market development trends ). You can make a plan that suits you, but it must be at the beginning, rather than at the end.

  Extensive or specific

You can build your website around some broad or specific topics. Generally, a website with specific content is more suitable for AdSense. Second, focusing on writing in a certain field makes you naturally an expert in that field, and may also make you the authoritative in your field.

If this is the first time you try to build a website that launches AdSense, then do something you like, which will make the whole process much easier without too many painful tasks. You should also ensure that you have enough topics and your expenses can be controlled at a level acceptable to you. You may love medieval folk dance, but there are too few advertisers using this topic (actually none ).

Once you build a website that runs AdSense, you may want to try some high-priced keywords, or even purchase a list of high-priced keywords. But some dangers may come along. First, keep away from this fraudulent click to make you a lot of money. Second, this behavior distort the supply-demand relationship stipulated in the terms. Everyone wants to click ads on their websites for more than $35 per click, but how many advertisers are willing to pay so much is really limited. In addition, competition for such traffic will increase competition. Therefore, if you cannot catch up with powerful competitors, do not try to compete with them. If you are strong enough, you will have a chance. I have used a high-Keyword report provided by and are very satisfied with the results.

  New websites, files, and maintenance

When you create a new website, do not place AdSense before the website is complete. In fact, I did it more thoroughly. I didn't activate AdSense until my website has completely established internal links and received traffic. If you set up a website with a small amount of content, your AdSense will almost certainly display advertisements irrelevant to the subject. For new files on the existing website, this is usually the case for brand-new or different topics. Google crawlers can access your web pages and get targeted ads in a few days or weeks. Tip: If you can get a large amount of traffic from different IP addresses, this process will be accelerated.

I like to use the include file method to create a website. I put the header, footer, and navigation in the public file. Such websites become easy to manage and maintain. I also like to put my AdSense code in the include file. If I want to modify my AdSense code, I only need to modify one file. Tip: I will also enable or disable AdSense through a program. I can set a global variable and modify its value to determine whether the AdSense advertisement is displayed or disappears.

  Manage URL channels

The AdSense channel is an area for convenient statistics. You can set URL channels to compare different websites. You can also set sub-channels for each URL. Finally, the channel you set will look like this:

  • banners
  • rectangle
  • connection
  • banners
  • banners
  • rectangle
  • rectangle

Although the channel allows you to know who clicked, its reports are a little unreliable and your total number is always correct, however, if you view the reports through channels, you will find that some data is displayed multiple times, but the total number of accumulated data is not the same. This makes the situation messy, so you still need to consider whether you really need a detailed report of this situation. Tip: at least, if you want to know whether a website generates revenue, you must enter it into the URL channel.

  Website Design and integration

Once you decide to put AdSense on your website, you must consider how to place it. If this is a new site, it will be simpler. If it is an existing website, it will be more troublesome. Although some people cannot do this, most of the time I will say that if you just copy the AdSense code to the website, what you get will be a freak. Although the style of each website is different, Google has released some icons to show the best optimization location. There is no doubt that the center and left of the page are the best. Now, I have put the advertisement in the correct position, but you should also know why, if the effect is not good, how to make changes and adjustments.

Google also released some high-performance AD Size solutions:

  • 336x280 large rectangle
  • 300x250 embedded rectangle
  • 160x600 Skyscraper

On my website, I use 336 Rectangles and 160 skyscrapers. Another of my best performing ad sizes is 728 banners, and I don't often use 300 rectangular ads. Therefore, as long as you can better integrate advertising into your website, it is best that location changes can sometimes produce dramatic results. Tip: for new sites or new la S, you should establish your own channels for each ad location, while constantly observing users' habits and behaviors.

Another technique to improve the CTR is to integrate AdSense ads into the content. For example, if the color of your content is black, remove the AdSense ad border and make the title, text, and link Black. Tip: Change Your webpage hyperlink to a high-contrast color (such as dark red or dark blue), and then change the AdSense ad title to the same color.

In one situation, I found that obfuscation of advertisements and content does not work, that is, forums, especially those with high stickiness. A small trick is to randomly change the color or even position of an advertisement. It is a learning to correctly handle the placement and color of an advertisement. You need to know how to configure an advertisement without disturbing visitors, remember that it is best for 500 users to generate a 1% click rate. Do not set a 5% click rate for 50 users. Tip: for the Forum, please try placing the advertisement below the first primary post.

  Use Images

Another newest "trick" is to use images and place them above or below AdSense (Note: This method may violate the latest AdSense program policy ), this method has been discussed in some forums. Many people have said that the click rate has doubled. The most basic setting is to keep your AdSense ads and images straight. Whether this is fraudulent or fraudulent click is controversial. It is clear that if four blinking arrows are placed next to an advertisement, it will "entice users to click", in violation of the AdSense clause, however, is it fraudulent to use a laptop image with a laptop advertisement? This requires you to determine by yourself. The opinions of Google and advertisers are also very important. If you are not sure whether there is a problem with the form of advertising, you 'd better send an email to Google for them to check.

I have used the image method and can tell you that it is useful. If your image matches the advertisement well, you can get the best effect. For example, if your advertisement is about apple pie, use a freshly baked apple pie photo instead of a cheese, Apple Computer, red lady, or red apple. Tip: do not restrict yourself to fixed-size ad units. You can also use them on other advertisements, such as 336 rectangles. (In addition, I got some criticism on this issue, and I cannot confirm whether I can implement it. However, it is best not to use images that are easy to identify brands or products, some images with common features may be more suitable ).

  Multiple advertisement units

Another way to increase advertising revenue is to use multiple advertising units. According to Google's plan policy, you can place no more than three advertisement units on one page. Like Standard search results, the highest-price ad unit is first shown, followed by a lower price. If you have enough advertising space, you can use all three advertising units. However, you should pay attention to the rate of return. Suppose you can get 60% of the current income (you get 0.05 USD for each 0.03 USD click ), if the advertisement from the third advertising unit only gives you 3 to 5 cents, you should delete it from the webpage. Because this place cannot let your advertising unit reflect value. If an ad unit has a high click rate and click traffic, you should ensure that the highest price ads are displayed there. Tip: You can use CSS to position the most expensive ads on the top.

  Adsense in RSS

With the popularity of blogs and RSS, you will find that AdSense appears in feed, but this is useless for the following reasons:

You can only place one advertisement unit. You cannot control the good position of an advertising unit. The matching of these advertisements is usually very poor (and will get better and better ). Someone has developed software to block ads.

I know that people like to read the full-text feed in the reader, and there are at least a dozen reasons to show that full-text output is more appealing to mobile phones and offline users. These are indeed correct, however, if your website needs to rely on Adsense to earn revenue and survive, it should be summarized and output to bring users to your website and show them ads.

  Advertising Agency Alliance

It is a good idea to put AdSense on the website of the advertising agency alliance. If you are selling $10, $20, or $30 products on behalf and get a $1 kickback, if you find the conversion rate is very low, you should definitely try AdSense. I like to put AdSense on my article page. For example, if you have a website selling shoes, you should need some related articles to enrich this website, it is most appropriate to place AdSense on such content. Of course, these may not enrich you, but it usually provides a stable small amount of income to make up for expenses similar to hosting fees. Tip: If you find that your page can receive more than 50 clicks each month, try to write more similar topics and link them to a page, check your logs to see what keywords others are searching for to access your website.

  PPC arbitrage

This is a dangerous project, and I usually do not take risks. Basically, you can produce a very low cost on a keyword, and then set a boot page that contains high-price ads or related topics, so that you can get the benefit from the price difference between adwords and AdSense, for example, if you pay $0.1 for a click and get $1 for a click, you will get $0.9 for each click and your AdSense advertisement will be approved, you need to add some valuable things to it, which may lead to k attacks, so you need to know what you are doing before trying.

Well, you have no other tips, tricks, or secrets. Please send me an email or leave a message to let me know.

The source of the original article is unknown! Hope to inform you!

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