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Steady Silverlight-2.0tip/trick load xap, load XAML, load Dll,appmanifest.xaml file description, customize mouse pointer


Silverlight 2.0 Tips and Tricks series

Load XAP-Loads the specified XAP file into the current Silverlight application

Load XAML-loads the specified XAML file into the current Silverlight application

Load DLL-loads the specified DLL file, invokes the method in it, or loads the control in it

AppManifest.xaml File Description-Brief description of the role of each node in the AppManifest.xaml file content

Custom mouse pointer-implements a custom mouse pointer, that is, the mouse follows

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1. Load the specified XAP file in the Silverlight program


<UserControl x:Class="Silverlight20.Tip.LoadXap"
<Grid x:Name="LayoutRoot" Background="White">
<Button x:Name="load" Content="加载游戏 - 俄罗斯方块" Click="load_Click" Margin="5" />
<Grid x:Name="container" Margin="5" />


Using System;
Using System.Collections.Generic;
Using System.Linq;
Using System.Net;
Using System.Windows;
Using System.Windows.Controls;
Using System.Windows.Documents;
Using System.Windows.Input;
Using System.Windows.Media;
Using System.Windows.Media.Animation;
Using System.Windows.Shapes;

Using System.Windows.Resources;
Using System.IO;
Using System.Xml.Linq;
Using System.Reflection;

Namespace Silverlight20.tip
public partial class Loadxap:usercontrol
Public Loadxap ()
InitializeComponent ();

private void Load_click (object sender, RoutedEventArgs e)
Uri uri = new Uri ("Yytetris.xap", urikind.relative);

Download the specified XAP with WebClient
WebClient client = new WebClient ();
Client. openreadcompleted + = new Openreadcompletedeventhandler (client_openreadcompleted);
Client. OpenReadAsync (URI);

void Client_openreadcompleted (object sender, Openreadcompletedeventargs e)
* StreamResourceInfo-provides support for retrieving resources through the Silverlight application model
* Assemblypart-assemblies contained within the Silverlight program
* Assemblypart.load ()-loads the specified assembly into the current application domain
* Application.getresourcestream ()-Automatic decompression of zip-type files

YYTETRIS.XAP's AppManifest.xaml information is as follows
<deployment xmlns= "" xmlns:x= " /winfx/2006/xaml "entrypointassembly=" Yytetris "entrypointtype=" "runtimeversion=" 2.0.31005.0 ">
<assemblypart x:name= "Yytetris" source= "YYTetris.dll"/>

Obtains all Assemblypart node information within in the AppManifest.xaml of XAP
StreamResourceInfo resource = App.getresourcestream (
New StreamResourceInfo (E.result, NULL),
New Uri ("AppManifest.xaml", urikind.relative));
String resourcemanifest = new StreamReader (resource. Stream). ReadToEnd ();
list<xelement> assemblyparts = Xdocument.parse (resourcemanifest). Root.elements (). Elements (). ToList ();

Assembly Assembly = null;

foreach (xelement element in Assemblyparts)
Remove the DLL specified by the Assemblypart Source
String Source = element. Attribute ("Source"). Value;
Assemblypart Assemblypart = new Assemblypart ();
StreamResourceInfo Streaminfo = App.getresourcestream (
New StreamResourceInfo (E.result, "application/binary"),
New Uri (source, urikind.relative));

if (Source = = "YYTetris.dll")
Assembly = Assemblypart.load (;
Assemblypart.load (;

Instantiating a yytetris.xap main function
var type = assembly. GetType ("");
var Yytetris = activator.createinstance (type) as UIElement;

Add YYTETRIS.XAP to the specified container and update the UI
Container. Children.add (Yytetris);
Container. Updatelayout ();

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