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At present, enterprise-level wireless routers are widely used, especially for small enterprises. Here we mainly introduce the considerations for enterprise-level wireless routers. For small-sized enterprise users, selecting a wireless router saves a lot of trouble. Setting up a wireless LAN saves the trouble of planning and wiring.

Of course, there are many users who need to share Internet access in the enterprise, so the performance requirements for enterprise-level wireless routers are also relatively high. The 11N enterprise-level wireless router can fully meet the needs of enterprise users in terms of transmission rate. Although the 11N enterprise-level wireless routers on the market are mostly SOHO-level products, they are sufficient for small-sized enterprise users. Linksys's 11N enterprise-level wireless router WRT150N has been welcomed by many consumers since its launch, and its sales volume has always been good. Of course, this is all due to the outstanding performance of WRT150N. The current market price for this product is 945 yuan. WRT150N follows the LINKSYS style in color combination, and the volume is very lightweight. This enterprise-level wireless router is light weight and has a good texture and exquisite workmanship.

WRT150N has two standard antennas located at the rear of the fuselage. A common port is configured on the rear of the fuselage: a wan port, four LAN ports, a power plug-in port, and a needle-hole restart key. The positions of several marked indicators on the front side of the router correspond to those on the rear port. From the design perspective, WRT150N is still very difficult in heat dissipation. A large number of cutting holes are designed on the front, back and side of the product, and the distribution is even. After a long period of work and testing, this WRT150N does not show excessive heat or instability caused by this.

In normal use environments, WRT150N can reach the average transmission rate of 62.894Mbps, and the external transmission peak value is 80.001 Mbps, which can fully meet the needs of office users, basically at the same level as the Mbps wired network. WRT150N comes with all the latest security features including 128-bit encryption; WEP, WPA-PSK and WPA-PSK2; SPI and NAT firewalls; and VPN channels. You can customize rules by date, time, or MAC address, and filter websites by keywords or IP addresses.

LINKSYS is a 11N enterprise-level wireless router WRT150N with powerful features and good quality. It can experience the speed of 802.11n at a price of less than RMB. It is a cost-effective product. For small enterprise users, this product fully meets the networking requirements. Network products have always had outstanding quality. Its WNR834B is a wireless router based on the draft 802.11N standard. It features fast transmission speed and stable performance. It is an outstanding product, the current market price is RMB 1150. WNR834B has almost identical exterior shapes with several existing 11n wireless routes of the same brand. Although it must be equipped with three antennas according to the requirements of MIMO technology, the manufacturers put these antennas "hidden" inside the product, so that the product appearance is concise, smooth, and easier to carry. Look at the accessories in the box. The manufacturer has prepared a bracket for the user. We can easily use it to establish WNR834B.

On the front panel of WNR834B, we can see the Netgear mark and 7 indicators. These indicators indicate the power status, Internet connection status, wireless connection status, and the status of Four 10/100 M interfaces in turn. The manufacturer arranges power interfaces, WAN interfaces, four LAN interfaces and reset buttons on the back panel, and these interfaces are marked in different colors respectively. This new wireless route still uses the core chipset Based on Broadcom's InteNsi-fi technology, which gives it a theoretical wireless rate of up to Mbps. It is also compatible with products that use InteNsi-fi technology from other manufacturers and comply with the 802.11n draft, and is backward compatible with all traditional 802.11b/g wireless products.

WNR834B has strong security performance: It has built-in NAT and SPI firewalls, which can provide DoS) attack protection and intrusion detection and defense IDS ). The support for 64/128-bit WEP encryption, Wi-Fi protection access pre-shared key (WPA-PSK and WPA2-PSK) provides security for wireless LAN. WNR834B has a high-speed data transmission rate and a good signal coverage. Its enhanced multimedia performance can meet the needs of multimedia applications such as internal video conferences in enterprises. It is natural for small enterprises to establish networking applications. Consumers who need it can contact the following distributors for details.

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