"Small error" from archive is encountered ora-00265:instance recovery required, cannot set ARCHIVELOG mode

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Today I encountered ora-00265:instance recovery required, Cannot set ARCHIVELOG mode error while archiving

from the error we can see is because of Datafile,controlfile, The mismatch in the SCN number in the Redolog prevents the archive from being opened, so the workaround for this problem is that the startup force mount is used when I restart the database to mount, as this command actually takes two steps. For example the following:
1, Shutdown abort   ---Forcibly shut down database
2, startup Mount

  Since we implicitly did the shutdown abort operation. It means datafile. Controlfile. Redolog the SCN in this must be inconsistent, you need to do recover in the open database, because their SCN number is inconsistent, so it will not be able to open archivelog in the Mount state, for example:

SQL>alterdatabase  archivelog; Alter Database Archivelog *  1: ORA-00265set ARCHIVELOG mode

The solution is as follows:
Take the database to the open state, gracefully close shutdown immediate, and then mount the state:

Sql> Alter Database Open ;Databasealtered. SQL> shutdownImmediateDatabaseclosed.Databasedismounted. ORACLE instance shut down. SQL>startup Mount; ORACLE instance started. Total System Global Area830930944bytesfixed Size2257800bytesvariable Size536874104bytesDatabaseBuffers289406976Bytesredo Buffers2392064bytesDatabasemounted. SQL> Alter DatabaseArchivelog;Databasealtered. SQL>ArchiveLoglist;Database Logmode Archive modeautomatic archival enabledarchive destination Use_db_recovery_f Ile_destoldest OnlineLogSequence5Next LogSequence toArchive7 Current LogSequence7

Solve, bingo~~~~

"Small error" from archive is encountered ora-00265:instance recovery required, cannot set ARCHIVELOG mode

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