Smart air conditioning switch method

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Since the Office is a public place, the air conditioner is still running after a long period of work. Sometimes no one manages the office after work or turns it off for a long time, which is not only energy-saving, low-carbon, but also a waste of electricity, sometimes it is easy for a staff member to catch a cold while resting at noon.

By designing a method that combines the sound decibel size to control the air conditioning switch, it makes it easy for us to work after work, even if the lunch break is not afraid of getting caught cold, it is not easy to get the air conditioning disease.

Technical solution:

 Through the automatic sound control method, the air conditioner is equipped with an automatic sound recognition detector to detect the sound decibel around the office, at the same time, the usual data is stored in the memory device for automatic analysis of future data. And set a certain time range to determine the time range in which the maximum sound decibel value and the minimum sound decibel value belong to each day. If the sound is in a certain threshold value, the switch can be disabled. When the decibel value is greater than a certain range, the start function can be automatically started, and the optimal comfort value is automatically adjusted according to the current room temperature, when the minimum decibel value of the surrounding sound is detected, the system can automatically shut down and start the shutdown function.

At the same time, a camera device is installed on the air-conditioning equipment to take videos and store photos of people around them, and analyze and Judge data streams to prevent inaccurate sound control, sometimes there may be some people who speak loudly and raise their bits so that the air conditioner can be automatically turned on and judged incorrectly.

At the same time, make up for the temperature control vulnerability. Sometimes there is no staff in the office, but the weather is very hot. If the window is not opened, the indoor temperature is naturally high, which may cause automatic start.

The Controller is the key factor for controlling the air conditioning switch,

When the voice decibel is too high and the surrounding traffic is too high and the temperature is too high, the boot function is enabled. (These three controls play a role)

If the decibel is too small and the temperature is low, the shutdown function is automatically enabled. (These three controls play a role)

There are very few people sitting around the decibel sound, but the temperature is too high, you can not start. (Video monitoring plays a crucial role)

High decibels, many people, low temperatures, and startup failure. (In this case, the temperature control function is effective to prevent the vulnerability caused by a small number of people deliberately increasing the decibels)

High decibels, a large number of people, but a low temperature can not be turned on (temperature control plays a crucial role)

Small decibels, fewer people, high temperature, and disabled. (Sound Control and video control play a role)

Low decibels, fewer personnel, low temperature, and disabled. (All three functions)

Small decibels, many people, high temperature, can be enabled. (Video and temperature control functions)

Small decibels, many people, low temperature, and disabled. (Sound Control and temperature control play a monitoring role)

Monitoring Chart:

Process Analysis diagram:


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