Smart wireless router to improve the speed of thunder download

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Optimize setting up wireless router to speed up BT download

  First, enable encryption, control the number of users

Compared to traditional routes, wireless routers are more vulnerable to intrusion by others, especially if there is no wireless route with any encryption, and your neighbors will effortlessly use your network for downloading and other operations, thus affecting the quality of your network.

We can protect the network with WEP and WPA, which are wireless encryption devices. Here we recommend that, when other wireless routers are set up properly, you may want to see if someone has sneaked into your network after troubleshooting your ISP and software problems.

  Ii. Use of UPnP function

UPnP (Universal Plugand plays, Universal Plug and Play) is a technology based on TCP/IP protocol used in the Internet and LAN. Through the wireless network of users are in the intranet, in order to ensure Peer-to-peer software such as BT work properly, open UPnP is necessary, and most of the current wireless router settings have this feature. (Most wireless routers set the UPnP defaults to shutdown, users can manually open the function, restart the router can be effective) the extranet is not necessary to use the "Automatic port mapping" feature of UPnP, but it is still necessary to use UPnP with network firewall software that supports UPnP ( such as Windows XP with the ICF, Norton Network Security Special Police 2003/2004 automatically open mouth.

For users who use the WinXP operating system, the UPnP support module is not installed by default, so we need to install it manually. Open Add/Remove Programs and go to Windows build. 2. In the Windows Components Wizard, tap Network Services-Verbose, and then select the Universal Plug and Play check box. After restarting, WinXP prompts to find new hardware, and when you go into your network Neighborhood you will find the router, which means that the UPnP feature is turned on. In addition, the UPnP feature in BT download software needs to be turned on.

Bit Comet can support UPnP automatic port mapping, which automates the operation of Gateway port mapping configuration on this computer. (This feature is turned on by default) the software can automatically open the external port at the gateway without any configuration, and the speed will be improved to a certain extent.

  Third, turn off the SSID

The SSID (Service Set Identifier) is typically the local area network name that is broadcast by the AP or wireless router, and is designed to allow computers that have only the wireless router set to a value of the same SSID to communicate with each other. For BT downloads, we recommend that you turn off the SSID to get better use of your results. Because, when the SSID is turned off, it can save the bandwidth occupancy rate and eliminate many network redundancy information, and improve the download speed of BT.

On the other hand, turning off the SSID can also play a role in network protection. After you turn off the SSID broadcast, other users will not be able to search for the SSID of your wireless device unless he can manually fill out your correct SSID to connect.

  Iv. use of QoS bandwidth management functions

Web QoS is one of the most notable features of popular routing.

In addition to the more comprehensive Internet behavior management function, the most obvious feature of the popular route is that it has more detailed QoS flow control mechanism, that is to add the Web QoS function on the basis of intelligent QoS, so that the existing QoS applications such as video, web, peer-to-peer downloading software and online av can be perfected. Fills the blank of Web page video bandwidth management.

Web QoS can not only manage bandwidth, can also be based on the Internet user's online behavior to determine how much bandwidth, such as enterprise staff during the work of browsing Youku Web site, because the video open instantaneous flow is very large, it is likely to cause other people to work on the internet slowed down, causing the Web page to open very slowly problem. But through the Web QoS can give video and Web pages to allocate a certain amount of bandwidth, so as not to affect the speed of others.

To make an analogy: now the major cities in the road traffic is generally more congested, how to ensure that the bus road priority and smooth it? The whole dispatch of traffic commanding system ensures the vehicle priority of the bus road through monitoring system or on-site traffic police, on the basis of ensuring the smooth road. Traditional QoS is equivalent to traffic command system, while Web QoS is equivalent to road traffic police, with more careful management to ensure the bandwidth size of Web pages

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