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This example describes the common code snippet for smarty. Share to everyone for your reference, specific as follows:


<select >
  {html_options values= $cust _ids selected= $customer _id output= $cust _names}

Description: Generate a Drop-down menu. Values= an array in which the array element selected= a value for the list value, which is the default column

Table value output= An array with the array element as the displayed list value

{html_checkboxes values= $cust _ids checked= $customer _id output= $cust _names separator= 

Description: check box. Ibid. separator= "<br/>" refers to a string that separates each check button by <br/>

{Html_radios values= $cust _ids checked= $customer _id output= $cust _names separator=

Description: Radio button


{Counter start=0 skip=2 print=ture}

Description: Counter, after use, start with 0, increase by 2 each time.


{section loop= $data}
  <tr bgcolor= "{cycle values=" #eeeeee, #d0d0d0 "}" >
  <td>{$data [rows]}</td>

Description: Return the array element (or a series) value in Samsara


{Assign var= ' name ' value= ' Bob '}
The value of $name is {$name}.//the value of $name is Bob.

Description: Assigning values


{Fetch file= "" assign= "Weather"}

Description: Fetch is used to get files from the local file system, HTTP, or FTP and to display the contents of the file. If the file name

Starting with "http://", the site page is obtained and displayed. If the file name starts with "ftp://", it will be obtained from the FTP server

The file and display it.


{Html_image file= ". /path/relative/to/currdir/pumpkin.jpg "
border=" "1" height= "width=" alt= "Picture" href= "1.html"}

Description: Picture



Description: Create date drop down menu. It can show any date


Description: Used to create a time drop-down menu. It can display any time and seconds


{html_table loop= $data cols=4 table_attr= ' border= ' 0 "'
tr_attr= $tr td_attr= $TD}

Description: Forms a 4-column table with $data array elements. Table_attl is a table property, Tr_attr is a row property, Td_attr

As Column Properties


{Math equation= "x + y" x= $height y= $width}

Description: Mathematical operation function


{mailto address= "" text= "Send me some Mail"}

Description: Generate Email links



Description: Create a JavaScript pop-up window, you must first call the Popup_init function before use

I hope this article will help you with the PHP program design based on Smarty template.

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