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A friend in Baidu know anxiously asked: "Other sites to defeat (cheat) brush Baidu keyword, affect my site rankings, how should I deal with?"


Other sites cheat, affect my site rankings, how should I deal with

See, the webmaster is very anxious, this keyword ranking is really critical to the site, ranking down to affect a lot. But a competitor this deadly site keyword ranking in a short period of time suddenly jumped up, than their own site rankings by a lot of their own site traffic down a lot, how to do?

But before answering "what to do", a few questions have to be cleared up: how can we be sure that the other website must be cheating? Yes, the other side of the site keyword ranking in a short period of time suddenly jumped up, but this does not necessarily mean that the competition must be used to cheat the word to do it? In particular, by brushing Baidu keyword ranking this relatively secret cheating way cheating?

I think this is definitely our own guess.

In this case, then we can only have a way to do their own website, Baidu's things let Baidu deal with their own solution!

On the one hand, we continue to strengthen the content of this keyword and anchor text outside the chain, inner chain construction (pay attention to the relevance of original content, to achieve the continuous increase of links, link natural distribution, pay attention to link relevance), to consolidate the word; at the same time, more mining the word related to the long tail keyword, strengthen the relevant content, Reinforce these long tail keywords and try to get them done as quickly as possible.

On the other hand, we must "outside the embankment to fill the embankment", as far as possible from the search user point of view, looking for some new site keywords and related long tail keywords, strengthen the website with these new keywords related to the content of the site, and strive to do it, in order to make up for this popular keyword decline brought about by the loss of web search traffic. Of course, we must also be prepared psychologically, such a method estimated 1:30 will not be big, their site that hot keyword rankings will not immediately rise, immediately beyond that we think is cheating competitors ranked.

But we must continue to do so unswervingly, the advantage of this is: whether the site is cheating, and we compete with a lot of sites, we need to better do our website content and promotion--in the content and promotion of the site only better not the best, The rise of the site keyword rankings and our own site the same keyword ranking drop for us is just a spur.

As long as we do on the site content to do on the basis of all aspects of the optimization to promote the work, so that the site content and optimize the means of coordinated development, even if we can not exceed the ranking of the site, our site keyword related rankings will not be bad, we must get the search traffic.

And, this competitor's hot keyword surge gives us a good tip: the kind of hope that a keyword (even the industry's most popular keywords) ranking can steadily improve the weight of a website or even bring a Web site traffic fast balanced growth is not realistic.


Wheat bag Baidu Weight Query screenshot

Take the wheat bag Baidu "Taobao" ranking, the top 4th, indeed as some friends said, "Taobao" this keyword is a typical "search flow black hole", the wheat bag accounted for a large cheap, but the wheat bag is not only rely on this word "a recruit fresh eat every day", the reason is the wheat bag is the wheat bag, is the brand, It is also a lot of other keywords not only Baidu rankings, but also ranked quite good.

So, we do not for a website keyword ranking of the fall entanglements-even if this keyword how deadly, "General battle is not in one city." Our site content to cover the entire industry as far as possible all the key words, and to continue to dig out the new site keyword and its long tail, the spirit from easy to difficult principle will be the majority of the keywords to do up, our website traffic is not to be a key word of the take-off and landing.

Especially in Weibo marketing has been in full swing, Beautiful said, Mushroom Street rapid rise, mobile internet constantly siege swept the ground today, our website marketing promotion only rely on SEO is obviously not enough, must be in the foundation of SEO, and constantly adapt to the development and change of the times, to find suitable for our new website to promote the way.

Ancient Cloud: "Road distance horse horsepower, day long see people", as long as we think from the user's point of view to do a good job site content, on this basis to do a good job site optimization and promotion, then even a period of time the site rankings declined, and even K (this is not impossible, many well-known sites have encountered) But as long as we really do our work, end should be our ranking will be "before Liu June today and come".

Otherwise, if we do not do our own website optimization and promotion work, even if the keyword ranking of the short-term soaring site because of cheating or other reasons rankings really fall, the site's top keywords are also definitely not our site.

Website is a long protracted process, "laugh to the last laugh best." Work hard, Kiss! Don't be too concerned about a moment's gain and loss (this article by Gouyn12 original starting, copyright, Wenzing, reprint, please use the link form to indicate the article starting source

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