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Although the search engine has repeatedly stressed that the site snapshot is only a search engine included a date record of the site, there is no need to too much scrutiny, and Google and other search engines deliberately hidden to update the snapshot date. But the other thing is that, from the example that has happened, it can be proved that the snapshot and the weight of the site have some kind of connection. Site ranking good, the high weight of some sites, snapshot update is quite frequent, and snapshot withdrawal means that the site has been or will be down the right, the date of withdrawal there must be some improper practices; some sites that do not update snapshots for a long time, at least, show that there is not much new content on the site. If the continuous release of new content, the site is still not updated, it is a very dangerous signal, it is likely that the site was down right. In the exchange of links, there are also most of the requirements of the snapshot update, see the site snapshot is not a symptom, the site should also be the right to mention the snapshot from the update. Shanghai website Construction company Pilotage Technology believes that snapshots can be updated frequently, at least with the following three factors closely related to:

First, high-quality original content

According to Baidu Encyclopedia explanation, search engine Server storage site snapshots of the main factors, is to facilitate users can not open the site, but also to quickly browse to the content of the site. Therefore, generally as long as the content of the site is updated, theoretically search engine will be updated site snapshots. Therefore, the website snapshot content update premise is, the content of the website is rich and perfect. However, not every update, the search engine will update the snapshot in a timely manner. On the one hand search engine has its own update law, depending on the weight of different sites, the frequency of updates are also different (some large sites are basically seconds, most of the site is usually only a few updates a day, or a week or even one months to update several times); On the other hand, every time the content is published, the search engines are not all received, Content is not included in the existing snapshots of course will not be updated.

But search engines are no doubt biased in favor of quality content, especially unique original content. A website to publish a few original content every day, search spiders slowly will be accustomed to crawl the search, as time passes the update frequency of the site snapshots will naturally keep up with the pace of content updates. If the content is good enough, and the number of articles is sufficient, seconds are completely possible. With the original content of High-quality opposition, the site taboo a large number of copies reproduced, especially Qiatouquwei false original. Perhaps at the beginning, occasionally one or two false original articles can be included, but it is not a long-term solution. In the search engine big update, the content of too much repetition, the same will be removed, but also affect the weight of the site.

second, the stability of the law update

Web site content updates are also learned, not as long as the quality of content, snapshots will certainly be frequent updates. Focus on website building or site optimization friends, will know that every site, of course, the second received, the time will have their own update law. And the formation of this rule benefit from the regular visit of spiders, but there is no regular content updates, search spiders in any case also rare regular visit. All said, enhance the site snapshot update frequency of the first effective way, is the regular site content. For example, get used to releasing new content 8:00 every day, then stick to it and let yourself develop habits that make it a habit for search engines. The author's website construction Company, Shanghai pilotage technology site has been fixed at 9:00 for some time update, is now the same.

More important than the regular update is a stable update, website construction and website optimization of the taboo is three days of fishing two days, because instability, is the largest irregular. No one can guarantee that every day can write high-quality articles, but every day to write or must, even if it is a word, thousand words. Even if you do not have time to write, even copy copies of other people's articles, do not interrupt not with the new. The occasional copy-duplication damage is much smaller than the erratic irregular update. Stability is not only reflected in the content of the update, stable web site operation is also very important, this and the Web site procedures are reasonable, DNS and host servers are related to the need for a lot of power.

third, reasonable and appropriate links

Search engine by what crawling site content? Links, is the link, whether within the chain or outside the chain, links in the site construction and site optimization role is crucial. Theoretically, in the case of other factors equal, the more links the more the weight of the site will be higher, the ranking will be more forward. Similarly, links to many sites, search engines to crawl the opportunity will be more. We will see that some of the content of the site is almost never new, but the snapshot is constantly changing, the secret is that the link is growing. In particular, the high weight of some of the sites over the link to enhance the site snapshot update frequency and the weight of the site, have considerable help. For example, an article, we published after the search engine has not included, as long as we will post the URL address in a large forum or blog, the article will soon be indexed, the reason is this. But for a while, the link is not the more the better, but the need for gradual, otherwise easy to be mistaken for cheating in order to outweigh the gains.

The author has written an article "Why said the snapshot is the weight of the Web site barometer," The view that the snapshot is a trend, the weight of the site change trend. Isn't that right? snapshot changes in the prerequisite, it must be search spiders crawl the site content, snapshots update frequent sites, also shows that the content of the site is friendly to search engines, the site is also to win the search engine enough trust. If you compare Web site optimization to Long March, then find ways to improve the frequency of site snapshots update is long March first step, but also a very important first step. Professional website Construction company Pilotage Technology ( that it is not difficult to do snapshots frequent updates, it is difficult to adhere to, adhere to the original writing, adhere to the law update, adhere to the pursuit of quality excellence and consistent. (Text/Ye Zhixuan)

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