So long, today is the most embarrassing ......

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This is a very embarrassing thing that only the girl can encounter, and the result is also met by me.
After training in Fuzhou in the morning, everyone is invited to have a meal at noon. After paying for the ticket, there will be only 120 yuan left. I think it should be enough to go back to Xiamen, so I am too lazy to get the money and have a nap, in the afternoon, I bought a ticket for 95, took a taxi at the station for 10 yuan, and paid for 15 yuan. After arriving in Xiamen, I only remember to call the girl and get on the bus, after the phone call, I remembered that I had no money to take a taxi. I took a taxi to my home and spent 14 yuan (I was going to go to Shantou's house, and her house was at the station. I don't have to pay for a taxi, but I still want to be okay, there is also a China Construction Bank ATM near her house, and it was canceled later.) Hey hey, I have 1 RMB left to get home. Dizzy, there will be more dizzy in the back ......
I don't know if my head has recently entered the water. When I got home, I sorted out some items and ran out for dinner, when I crossed the road, I still remember to take the money and eat again (I had no money to take a taxi just now). As a result, I went to the corner and found that my noodle shop was newly opened, just as soon as the opening of the drum beat, I went in. When I finished my meal and paid for the meal, I remembered that I had only one RMB in my pocket. It should be one RMB 8 cents. It collapsed completely and I was not familiar with my boss, I am so depressed that I am very dizzy. I told my boss to go to Zhaoxing bank to get the money and press the phone to him. The boss said no, so I went to get the money. As a result, the money for the Bank's ATM machine was exhausted, and there was no money in it, I am embarrassed to say that I want to go to the Construction Bank opposite to get it. Here I have been thoroughly laughed ......
Finally, I crossed the road and paid for the meal at the Construction Bank. The boss joked that the price would be twice as high.
It took more than 1000 yuan a week to go to Fuzhou to invite people to dinner. You don't have to pay for your own meals and shelter (the training venue is covered ). It seems that at least 500 yuan is needed in the pocket. I always remember that at least 500 yuan is needed in the pocket ......, To avoid embarrassment.

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