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Soaoffice-Microsoft Office middleware v8.1

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Online office + Office Data Access = soaoffice


Software features:
1. patented technology: Dynamic word/Excel Data filling, user input submission, and automatic word/Excel on Web servers are not required.
2. unique document security: prevents downloading, copying, pasting, tampering, and printing.
3. Simple Integration: a line of code can be done.
4. friendly user interface: progress loading, crystal interface, page number display, full screen mode switch, etc.
5. Small Size: the client only has more than 200 K and supports automatic browser installation.


New Features of version 8.1
Soaoffice fully supports Unix (ibm aix, HP-UX, Solaris, FreeBSD, OSX, etc.), Linux (Red Flag, RedHat, ubantu, etc.) and other operating systems.
Soaoffice adds a datarange object and supports the ability to quickly submit Excel table data to the web server. The data extraction and storage speed for thousands of rows of EXCEL tables is far more than hundreds of times that of common VBA, automated calling, Jacob, etc.

Soaoffice adds fasttable objects and supports ultra-fast dynamic filling of Word and Excel tables. The filling speed of Word and Excel tables with thousands of rows is far more than hundreds of times that of common VBA, automatic calling, and Jacob.

Soaoffice adds Word Table objects and supports the ability to dynamically fill word tables with database data.


Soaoffice middleware is a professional web middleware platform tailored by Cohan software for Microsoft Office. It builds a bridge between Microsoft Office and various programming languages.
Soaoffice adds powerful web rendering, web script control, and network editing and access capabilities to Microsoft Office, developers simply need to embed soaoffice into their web pages to fully display and Control Office programs such as Word and Excel. This provides powerful functions that can only be achieved in traditional winform windows, applicable to All scenarios where web programming control is required for Microsoft Office.


Rich features: edit office documents on the web page, Save documents to the web server, concurrency control, support session, dynamic word data filling, dynamic Excel Data filling, user input and submission, four editing modes define menu, custom toolbar, trace retention, control editable area, progress loading, Vista interface style, prohibit copy and paste, print preview, secondary development interface, review signature, vector handwriting, hierarchical handwriting supports full-text retrieval, locking document content, publishing HTML, supporting databases, electronic seals, handwritten signatures, and one-click red ......


Soaoffice middleware includes three built-in components: soaword, soaexcel, and soapowerpoint. Soaoffice Enterprise Edition also includes soapdf components that support PDF files and soawps components that support WPS files.


Soaoffice middleware adopts the standard HTTP transmission protocol and supports any Web Server (IIS, WebLogic, websphere, Apache, tomcat, resin, etc.) and any server operating system (Win2k/win2003/win2008, Linux, UNIX), as well as any web programming language and Web architecture (C #, Java, VB. net, PHP, JSP, ASP, J2EE, Asp. net, ColdFusion, Ajax, etc ).

The client supports windows, XP, Vista, and Windows 7 operating systems. The browser must be ie6.0 or later, or an ie-based browser. Supports Office2000 and later versions. For more information, visit


Cohan software is the only micro-soft office middleware developer in China. It has excellent independent R & D strength and exclusive patented technology. soaoffice is not only popular in China, but also exported to European and American international markets, among them, the world's top 500 US Dover group, Coca-Cola, CNPC, and Sinopec are loyal users of soaoffice products.

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