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Today, let me talk about Kabbah and mic.


Kabbah, McAfee, and Norton are the three major targets in the world. They are absolutely unambiguous.

So what is the comparison between Kabbah and coffee?

No one can tell who is strong or weak.

Many people have asked whether Kabbah or maimai is the answer. You can use whatever you like. It's like comparing your girlfriend with your buddy's girlfriend. They're pretty, but who they like.


==== --- But it is still comparable !!!!

First, I declare that I use coffee. Everyone on the internet says that coffee is 100% anti-virus, which is hard to believe. However, you will know that this is the case. Therefore, I added in the previous article that I first used Fuan all for Anti-Virus (which is extremely powerful) and immediately changed the coffee.


Coffee is suitable for group organizations, and Kabbah is suitable for single users ,. Kabbah is anti-virus and mic is anti-virus. Kabbah was studied by Russians, and mamas was studied by Americans. Kabas Russians are stubborn and conservative. They would rather kill one thousand by mistake than let alone one. Mai is an American, paying attention to it and making a final conclusion based on achievements. Kabbah is bulky and slow to run. Mic startup is extremely fast, and no one can beat it.

(Note: do not automatically upgrade Kabbah every day, which will lead to chaos in anti-virus. Please manually upgrade it every Sunday afternoon. I think this is better)

Kabbah is not stable.

Kabbah works well but is unstable. Use it with extremely high system requirements. The mic antivirus effect is good and stable, but the settings are extremely complex and not suitable for novice users. I have already set it for two days. As long as the computer starts to work, it is estimated that it will take two weeks.


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