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In my article "Every programmer should have experienced a soft test", I strongly analyzed the soft test for us.ProgramAlthough some people think that I am talking about the importance of membersArticleThey all have value. As a beginner in the field of software development, we sometimes feel confused and will feel uninterested or have no strength to learn, of course, software development is a mental activity with a high IQ. Many people study computer programming in my college, but we think about it carefully, how many people can learn and accumulate in the field of software development; there are really few; don't think there are not many people in the technical blog? It is just the idea that software developers, or technical experts, are really worthy of our respect in the blog Park. It's not long before I write a blog, but it's just a short time, I realized again why programmers complain about low wages and difficult technical skills. This abstract is actually very impetuous, if you have any questions, ask someone. If someone else says something bad, they will attack others. If yes, he is not convinced. I have asked myself if I have tried to buy a good book and learned how to use a good system, float and furious all day, wow, when we see good things and don't feel happy in the circle, we will attack other people's products, today, I read an article by the predecessor "Mai Shu", saying "I am not afraid of fire ..... "After the article, I really found that some technical staff are really fucking hard-working. If I don't want to take a good look at the book, it's just a fucking idle lie. If you don't like it, it's just that he doesn't like it; people have come up with something. Why can't they share a balance with others to ask for advice, learn and learn, why can they succeed, and why can they write such good things; however, the vast majority of our programmers are worthy of respect. They can share their skills with you and learn together. Progress: salute those programmers, Daniel and bloggers who are truly selfless dedication!

Today, I want to share some of my experiences with some of my friends who are interested in taking the soft exam. We can only talk about it, not talk about other imaginary things, and it is useless to blow the sky; experience is the embodiment of experience in doing anything. As a programmer, the technology we learn from our predecessors is actually limited, we need to learn why our predecessors have achieved some psychological experience on the way of technology. In this way, we can become stronger, mature, and work harder, and regret less. We should never be young;[Wang qingpei has all rights reserved. For more information, please sign it.]

Speaking of the soft test experience, I have had a hard journey. So far I have participated in four soft tests, two software designers, and two Database System Engineers; fortunately, both of them have succeeded. Everything is difficult at the beginning. When we prepare for the soft test, we will always feel a little excited and proud, especially for students at school, being able to pass the soft exam is indeed a good thing, at least I think it is a good kind of memories; now, sitting quietly in my heart can still feel the original feeling, it is really not easy, it is a sense of death. We stood up again and again in the face of failures. We are not afraid of it. We are proud to move beyond the door of the school to the real software industry;

I like to say this sentence, "hard-hearted people, days are not enough". This sentence makes me stick to the present, time is not a problem, we have time, as long as we quietly look at the book, there are really not many things you can't understand, even if you don't understand it, it's temporary; my friends are happy for you, why? I believe that as long as you read this article, I believe, in the future, any soft exam will be a must for you. At the beginning, I read an article about the soft exam and persistently participated in the soft exam, it also puts me on the path of positive software. Every one of us is very smart, but we have not found self-confidence, feeling, or hope, in today's highly competitive society, it is difficult to establish a foothold without a skill. As a result, it may be difficult to survive. I would like to ask, "Where are you from, is it from a very spam private school ?, It's a junk vocational school. You may be afraid to tell me, don't be afraid of me as a friend. We rely on technology instead of diploma to eat, some people have a bachelor's degree, but do not even understand the principle of being a person at the very least. At least they respect the elders and love the children, but they do not have any love. You told me that you are an undergraduate student, don't let me smoke you;

Don't be afraid of me. I will accompany you on the soft exam. If you have any concerns, I will help you solve it. The topic of my blog is to help beginners, even if I am tired again, I will do it, I thought I was writing some technical articles in the spirit of writing blogs that I didn't understand before. I gradually realized that one of your articles may have inspired one person or destroyed another person; so I hope to help those who need help through my efforts;

Good luck![Wang qingpei has all rights reserved. For more information, please sign it.]

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