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I use the Softerra LDAP browser to find information about people in the company. There are too few online Softerra LDAP browser configurations, so I'm writing here

I remember the last time I was able to search for names on my XP system, this one wasn't the same as last time, but I can find information as well.

Of course, with Outlook can also be very convenient to find, but I use the agent online, Outlook does not configure the agent place.

The first thing to do is to use the tool called Softerra LDAP Browser, the following is the relevant introduction:

The Softerra LDAP Administratortm is a premier Explorer-style LDAP client designed specifically for Windows. If you are a professional software developer or system administrator, the Softerra LDAP administrator will help you to view and analyze the LDAP directory more easily and efficiently.

Softerra LDAP Administrator's interface is simple and intuitive, with a unique entry creation wizard that fully supports all the most popular LDAPV3 servers and has many other powerful features. In the development of the Softerra LDAP Administrator, we pay particular attention to ensuring that applications can quickly process large amounts of data, which is critical when developing viable e-business solutions.

Softerra LDAP Administrator is essential for those who are committed to creating and maintaining complex systems that contain a variety of LDAP-based components. For example, these systems can be LDAP based distributed e-mail systems or public key management systems, using a variety of LDAP servers such as Active Directory, Novell directory Services, or netscape/iplanet.

The Softerra LDAP Browser is a lightweight version of Softerra LDAP Administrator with limited functionality, but is free to use for whatever purpose (including commercial use). Unlike the Softerra LDAP Administrator, Browser does not allow users to modify the LDAP directory.

I installed the Softerra LDAP Browser4.5 (I have related downloads in my resources, download address :

After installation, configure the diagram as follows:

The second step: the Software home page below, the default has some profile, but not available

Step two: New->new profile and fill in profile:test

Step three: After completing the name

Fourth step: Fill in the host and base DN

Fifth step: Fill in the domain account and password

Sixth step: Now open the established profile I want to find Adidas China Shanghai Company's account information

Expand Test OU=CN Ou=sha account information as follows:

The seventh step: After the expansion of the following accounts list by region, can be viewed by name, right display phone, mailbox, position and other information.

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