"Software attitude" of software companies in India, Japan, the United States and China"

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For example, the best function is 10 points, the customer requires 2 points, Ms achieves 9 points, IBM achieves 8.5, and most domestic enterprises <2 points, only a few
Enterprises in India: the customer asks for more than three solutions for you to choose ----------- understanding it is to help the customer make various options for solving the problem.
Japanese Enterprises: Are you sure you want to do it? I have already done it for you. Do you think this is true? ------------ strong industry foundation
American enterprises: Our company is not an expert in this field, and XX Company is doing better than us ------- specialized in a certain field, further expanding
Domestic Enterprises: Why? Isn't that what I said earlier? I want to change it again. I want to add money.
I personally think: A software enterprise in a certain industry, a good job, and then another, may grow!
(For example, if Google does not start with a successful search, isn't MS transferred from msdos to related fields?) (Is Ms related to office, word X, and kill x fields? Looking at people's trends)
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