Software classification and batch creation of folders

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The following are the English software categories extracted by brothersoft from software download sites outside China, as well as the corresponding batch files created 2 and directories.

MP3 & Audio

MIDI tools

Audio players

Audio Converters

Audio plug-ins

Music Management

Music Creation

CD burners

Audio recorders

Audio editors

Karaoke tools

CD rippers

Other Audio Tools

Other CD tools

DJ Software

Ringtone tools

MP3 tag tools

Android apps

IPhone apps


DVD & Video

Video players

Video Converters

Other video tools

Media Management

DVD players

DVD rippers

Flash tools

DVD copy Software

DVD burners

Video Editors

Video codecs

Mobile Video Converters

Other DVD Tools

Video Recorders

Android apps

IPhone apps



Anti Virus

Other security tools

Spyware Removal



Password Recovery

Password managers

Other password tools

Encryption software

Monitoring Software

Mobile Security

Reset ate Security Software

Virus Definitions update

Security suites

Android apps

IPhone apps


Photo & Image

Font tools

CAD Software

Image editors

Digital Photo tools

Other image tools

Screen capture

Image viewers

Image Converters

Icon tools

3D modeling software

Animation Software

Photo sharing

Photo plug-ins

Android apps

IPhone apps


Social & Communication

Email clients

Im tools & plug-ins

MSN tools

IM clients

Video & voice chat tools

Other chat tools

Other e-mail tools

E-Mail Security

Webcam tools

VoIP tools

Social networking tools

Lan messaging clients

SMS tools

Outlook tools

Skype tools

Android apps

IPhone apps


News Readers


Dial-Up Software

Download managers

Online Privacy

Search Tools

Pop-up blockers

Mobile phone tools

P2P file sharing

Internet radio

Internet TV

Android apps

IPhone apps


Business Finance

Project Management

Vertical markets

Inventory Systems



Business Management

Database Management

Personal Finance


Bar Code tools

Accounting Software

CRM System

Personal Information Management

Planning & Scheduling

Android apps

IPhone apps


HTML editors

Java & JavaScript

Site Management

Website promotion



Web design

Misc web development

C/C ++

Compilers and ides



Helpfile tools

Reference and tutorial

Registration tools

Setup generators

Visual Basic



Source code


Microsoft. NET

Active X

Components & Libraries

Misc Software Development

Mobile Development

Android apps

IPhone apps

Home & Education


Language & Translation



Teaching and testing





Recipe Software


Computer Certification


Religious Software

Map Software

Health Software

Android apps

IPhone apps

Desktop utilities

Desktop Enhancement





Wallpaper tools


3D screensavers

Screensavers tools

Screensaver composers

Android apps

IPhone apps

System utilities


Other System Tools

Optimize utilities

Mouse & keyboard

Disk Management

Registry tools

Startup & Shutdown


PC diagnostic


Data backup

Data Recovery

File compression

File Management

File Search

Android apps

IPhone apps

Office tools


Text editors

Presentation tools

Word Processing

Other office tools

PDF Converters

PDF editors

PDF readers

Printer & author & Fax


Note Management

Android apps

IPhone apps

Servers & Network

Proxy Servers

Web Servers

FTP servers

Other server tools

IP tools

Network Accelerators

Network Monitoring

Other Network Tools

E-mail servers

FTP clients

Remote Control Software

Android apps

IPhone apps


md test&&cd testmd "MP3 & Audio"cd "MP3 & Audio"md "Midi Tools"md "Audio Players"md "Audio Converters"md "Audio Plug-ins"md "Music Management"md "Music Creation"md "CD Burners"md "Audio Recorders"cd "Audio Editors"cd "Audio Editors"md "Karaoke Tools"md "CD Rippers"md "Other Audio Tools"md "Other CD Tools"md "DJ Software"md "Ringtone Tools"md "MP3 Tag Tools"md "Android Apps"md "iPhone Apps"cd "DVD & Video"cd "DVD & Video"md "Video Players"md "Video Converters"md "Other Video Tools"md "Media Management"md "DVD Players"md "DVD Rippers"md "Flash Tools"md "DVD Copy Software"md "DVD Burners"md "Video Editors"md "Video Codecs"md "Mobile Video Converters"md "Other DVD Tools"md "Video Recorders"md "Android Apps"md "iPhone Apps"cd "Security"cd "Security"md "Anti Virus"md "Other Security Tools"md "Spyware Removal"md "Firewalls"md "Keylogger"md "Password Recovery"md "Password Managers"md "Other Password Tools"md "Encryption Software"md "Monitoring Software"md "Mobile Security"md "Corporate Security Software"md "Virus Definitions Update"md "Security Suites"md "Android Apps"md "iPhone Apps"cd "Photo & Image"cd "Photo & Image"md "Font tools"md "CAD Software"md "Image Editors"md "Digital Photo Tools"md "Other Image Tools"md "Screen Capture"md "Image Viewers"md "Image Converters"md "Icon Tools"md "3D Modeling Software"md "Animation Software"md "Photo Sharing"md "Photo Plug-ins"md "Android Apps"md "iPhone Apps"cd "Social & Communication"cd "Social & Communication"md "E-Mail Clients"md "IM Tools & Plug-ins"md "MSN Tools"md "IM Clients"md "Video & Voice Chat Tools"md "Other Chat Tools"md "Other E-Mail Tools"md "E-Mail Security"md "Webcam Tools"md "VOIP Tools"md "Social Networking Tools"md "LAN Messaging Clients"md "SMS Tools"md "Outlook Tools"md "Skype Tools"md "Android Apps"md "iPhone Apps"cd "Internet"cd "Internet"md "News Readers"md "Miscellaneous"md "Dial-up Software"md "Download Managers"md "Online Privacy"md "Search Tools"md "Pop-Up Blockers"md "Mobile Phone Tools"md "P2P File Sharing"md "Internet Radio"md "Internet TV"md "Android Apps"md "iPhone Apps"cd "Business"cd "Business"md "Business Finance"md "Project Management"md "Vertical Markets"md "Inventory Systems"md "Calculators"md "Miscellaneous"md "Business Management"md "Database Management"md "Personal Finance"md "E-Commerce"md "Bar Code Tools"md "Accounting Software"md "CRM System"md "Personal Information Management"md "Planning & Scheduling"md "Android Apps"md "iPhone Apps"cd "Development"cd "Development"md "HTML Editors"md "Java & JavaScript"md "Site Management"md "Website Promotion"md "ASP & ASP.NET"md "CGI"md "Web Design"md "Misc Web Development"md "C/C++"md "Compilers and IDEs"md "Debugging"md "Delphi"md "Helpfile Tools"md "Reference and Tutorial"md "Registration Tools"md "Setup Generators"md "Visual Basic"md "PHP"md "XML"md "Source Code"md "Databases"md "Microsoft .Net"md "Active X"md "Components & Libraries"md "Misc Software Development"md "Mobile Development"md "Android Apps"md "iPhone Apps"cd "Home & Education"cd "Home & Education"md "E-books"md "Language & Translation"md "Math"md "Science"md "Teaching and Testing"md "Hobbies"md "Kids"md "Astrology"md "Sports"md "Recipe Software"md "Calendars"md "Computer Certification"md "Miscellaneous"md "Religious Software"md "Map Software"md "Health Software"md "Android Apps"md "iPhone Apps"cd "Desktop Utilities"cd "Desktop Utilities"md "Desktop Enhancement"md "Themes"md "Miscellaneous"md "Clock"md "Wallpaper"md "Wallpaper Tools"md "Screensavers"md "3D ScreenSavers"md "Screensavers Tools"md "Screensaver Composers"md "Android Apps"md "iPhone Apps"cd "System Utilities"cd "System Utilities"md "Automation"md "Other System Tools"md "Optimize Utilities"md "Mouse & Keyboard"md "Disk Management"md "Registry Tools"md "Startup & Shutdown"md "Uninstallers"md "PC Diagnostic"md "Drivers"md "Data Backup"md "Data Recovery"md "File Compression"md "File Management"md "File Search"md "Android Apps"md "iPhone Apps"cd "Office Tools"cd "Office Tools"md "Clipboard"md "Text Editors"md "Presentation Tools"md "Word Processing"md "Other Office Tools"md "PDF Converters"md "PDF Editors"md "PDF Readers"md "Printer & Scanner & Fax"md "Spreadsheets"md "Note Management"md "Android Apps"md "iPhone Apps"cd "Servers & Network"cd "Servers & Network"md "Proxy Servers"md "Web Servers"md "FTP Servers"md "Other Server Tools"md "IP Tools"md "Network Accelerators"md "Network Monitoring"md "Other Network Tools"md "E-Mail Servers"md "FTP Clients"md "Remote Control Software"md "Android Apps"md "iPhone Apps"


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