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Software development and outsourcing to Japan-Project Management

Over-bandwidth: over-bandwidth exceeding the unit price
Pre-production: pre-production
Species: species: Species
Time limit setting: Time Limit setting
Loading Rate indexing: loading rate: retrieval of Loading Rate
Duration of the project: concurrent operation duration: within the project duration
Overall Plan: total quota
Subject management table: Subject subject Management: zookeeper tables: zookeeper project management table
Public: zookeeper publicly available
Start and end of the week: hour and end of the week: Week and end of the week
Header text: Top text: Upper upper case letters
When a shard is imported into the shard: When shard Shard is imported, the shard Shard is imported.
Name: zookeeper name
Gender: Gender
Love name: Love name
Department Description: department description
Active Role: Active Role
Login date: login: Registration Date and Time
Restricted: restricted: the maximum allowed permissions are granted.
Identity Verification No.: Identity Authentication required?
Fan HU: the sequence of orders, numbers, and numbers.
Append: append
Principal person: principal person in charge
Zookeeper Date: Latest latest released
When the end date is reached: When the end date and time are reached
Completed: zookeeper, Zookeeper, zookeeper.
* ********* Software development and outsourcing-code comments

The Force content token gets the token to get the input content.
Content: too many threads
Registrant authentication (fixed) User Authentication (fixed)
Fixed: too many threads
パラメーの get the Parameter
Obtained: zookeeper has been created.
Connect a DB consumer to a database
Connected by worker: worker
Oracle connector connected to Oracle Connector
Extract the logarithm (record) data
Extracted: too many bytes have been transferred
Project name extraction project name Extraction
Start html
Start: zookeeper
Current date on the current day
Currently: zookeeper website
0th items in the N category-0th items in the N category
Tomorrow's line: Please refer to the following: please refer
Result: The result message is obtained successfully.
Result: Invalid Response
Guest guest calendar (Customer Management)
Guest: zookeeper
When you are eager to seek help, you will be able to obtain the missing features! And the management personnel are always busy.
An error occurred while obtaining the logarithm (record) information! Contact the administrator.
Common functions (fixed)
Common: zookeeper, Zookeeper, and zookeeper
Environment setting (fixed)
Environment: zookeeper environment specification: zookeeper Environment
The input force must be checked before being entered.
Incoming Force: Please wait until necessary required: Please try again later
Initial token Initialization
Initial Stage: zookeeper Marketing Manager: zookeeper
Returns the results of project-specific data transfer.
Official Website: zookeeper upload result: zookeeper upload
The processing is completed after the merge row is processed.
Rows: Too Many Rows finished
の ません data without search conditions
: けんさく condition: じょうけん
The Force entered on the birthdate or birthdate is incorrect.
Birthdate, month, and day: Please renew your subscription. Incorrect: Please renew your subscription.
Functions used for checking the number of workers by day
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