Software Engineering Team Showcase

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Team members
    • 051601135 Yeu Kuanyu
    • 051604103 Chen Sixiao
    • 031602629 Liu Yixian
    • 031602248 Zheng Zhiwen (captain)
Team Name: 121

March ”
"121, 121"
Recruits are from the queue March began to practice, we are the new recruits, four of us are novice, we need to learn from the beginning. Want to do well, need to keep working hard.

Project description

The project is still in the selection of topics, is still under consideration. (Do a little game, or do campus around)

Team Style
    • 051601135 Yeu Kuanyu
      Style: Like experimenting with new things
      Good style: C + +
      Programming interest: all want to try
      The desired soft worker role: Front end
      A statement: True intelligence is the direction of perseverance

    • 051604103 Chen Sixiao
      Style: Challenge yourself
      Good Technology: C++/python
      Programming interest: Front-end/back-end
      The desired soft worker role: back end
      A statement: Instead of feeling the road is difficult, it is better to start at once.

    • 031602629 Liu Yixian
      Style: Like innovation
      Technology expertise: Java back end
      Programming interest: It's all right.
      The desired soft worker role: development
      A statement: Don't give up halfway

    • 031602248 Zheng Zhiwen
      Style: Original
      Good Technology: C + + java
      Programming interest: front-end Backend
      The desired soft worker role: front-end Backend
      A word declaration: make haste, see little profit is not a big deal.

# # Group photo

1+2+1=4 team, our team two are computer professional, roughly the direction of a front end of a back end, the middle of the two is later turned professional. So our team is called 121.

Team Feature Description

The cooperation between the novice and soft workers, we do not hug thighs!

Software Engineering Team Showcase

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