Software project (vi)--Requirements analysis

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Requirement analysis is the first stage of software development, and it is a key step to the success of software development. The task of the requirement analysis is to understand that the system must complete the work, and the following is a brief summary of the requirements analysis chapter.
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Explanatory notes:I will be required to analyze this chapter is divided into processes, methods, tools, three of content. The process is to understand the tasks and steps of demand analysis. The method of requirement analysis includes object-oriented analysis method and structured analysis method. A graphical tool for demand analysis, describing complex data relations and logical processing functions, is the so-called picture more than words.
first, the process1, the beginning of the article also said that the task of demand analysis is not to determine how to do the system, but to understand that the system must be completed those work, is the most complete and accurate requirements of the system objectives. In reading the needs of the analysis of specific tasks, think very familiar with, this is not the knowledge of the book in the Net, just, the overall planning, specific investigation and so on to the demand analysis. first, it is the analysis phase, including the target and data requirements, followed by the design phase, including the establishment of logical models and requirements specification of the preparation, and finally the audit phase, that is, demand analysis review.
2, then look at the requirements of the analysis of the steps is more simple, since it is analysis, first of all, we have to find material bar, that is, research; secondly, to find the material, we have summed up a framework in a large number of materials, that is, the so-called analysis modeling; then, according to the model to describe the description, That is to say, the preparation of SRS; Finally, the compiled SRS is validated against the user's initial requirements, reducing the problem of unclear demand.
second, the methodThe most basic method of demand analysis is object-oriented and structured analysis methods (data flow oriented)
1. Structured Analysis Methoduse data flow diagrams, database dictionaries, structured languages, decision trees, and decision tables. To establish the target document for the structured specification. 2. Object-Oriented Analysis methodObject-oriented analysis is an analytic method that combines the concept of entity-contact diagram with the concept of object-oriented programming.

In the software project summary of Things more time, will find that all the steps almost all can use analysis, design, implementation, review and other steps to summarize, this is not the process of system development, which can be abstracted out of a class template, learning is quite simple!

Software project (vi)--Requirements analysis

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