Software UI display incomplete solution under WIN10 system

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These issues were thought of when the WIN10 was originally upgraded, such as incompatibility with various software. Of course, the fact that WIN10 is not as bad as it is, as a Windows user, Win10 is really big, whether it's a beauty or an experience.

I'll talk about one of the things that happened recently with WIN10: after installing IBM Cognos transform under the WIN10 system, some of transform's design interfaces are not fully visible , and then we have to find a way to solve the problem.

One: The basic configuration and the situation encountered are as follows:

1.1:window system

1.2:cognos Transform version

1.3: Problem description

As shown, 1 of the place has reached the top of the screen, 2 deep into the taskbar part, and the height of the form is always consistent with the height of the monitor, regardless of drag, can not let the following Ok,cancel,help button display complete, completely to the point of not very friendly use of software, PS: Modified the model, cannot click OK/(ㄒoㄒ)/~~

Second: The idea and method of solving the problem

2.1: Thinking Analysis

In the first place, I thought it might be a two-point cause.

A: Software issues

B: Operating System issues

Next we analyze, heard that 10.2.1 have some bugs, will it be a software problem, do you need to hit the patch pack? So I was in another directory loaded 10.2.0 version of transform, the result is the same can not be fully displayed, this is the problem of software, it is undoubtedly the operating system problems, win10 some of the settings and Cognos software incompatible

2.2: Lock reason-fix the problem

We have locked up is the problem of the system, first think of the re-installation system, I want to tell you: Do not! In the era of Internet technology so developed, I basically believe that a large part of the computer problem can be solved, so go to Baidu search, of course, also found a solution, as shown in

The methods are excerpted as follows

Step1: Open registry Win+r, or run inside input regedit

Step2: Path [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows Nt\currentversion\fonts] will be the original:

"Microsoft Yahei (TrueType) & Microsoft Yahei UI (TrueType)" = "MSYH.TTC"
"Microsoft Yahei Bold & Microsoft Yahei UI Bold (TrueType)" = "MSYHBD.TTC"
"Microsoft Yahei Light & Microsoft Yahei UI Light (TrueType)" = "MSYHL.TTC"
Modified to:
"Microsoft Yahei & Microsoft Yahei UI (TrueType)" = "SIMSUN.TTC"
"Microsoft Yahei Bold & Microsoft Yahei UI Bold (TrueType)" = "SIMSUN.TTC"
"Microsoft Yahei Light & Microsoft Yahei UI Light (TrueType)" = "SIMSUN.TTC"

Step3: Path [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows Nt\currentversion\fontsubstitutes]
New string:
"Microsoft Yahei" = "SimSun"
"Microsoft yahei UI" = "SimSun"

STEP4: Restart your computer

It turns out that the way to modify the default font is to solve the problem. The Counter-WIN10 is: The default font of the song and the volume of the line in the high on the difference will cause such problems.

2.3: Verify that the issue is resolved

Open the previous design window again to see if the problem is resolved, as shown in the window and the Submit button can be fully displayed, stating that the problem is resolved

PS: Have the idea to try, do not like I just started to think that this is just the adjustment of the font, in fact, the default font and UI display is very important ah ...

Software UI display incomplete solution under WIN10 system

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