Sogou Input Tool stop working how to do?

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Sogou Input Tool stop working how to do? What happens when the input tool stops working when the following image appears?

You can get the crash file by doing the following

1. Download the WinDbg software in the attachment (32-bit system users download WinDbg (32), 64-bit system user download windbg (64))

The system version can be viewed in the Control Panel-system and security-system (the shortcut key presses the Windows key and the Pause/break key at the same time)

After downloading, the 32-bit system users need to extract the installation, after installation in the desktop left corner of the Start menu found in the "Debugging Tools for Windows" folder found Windbg.exe

64-bit system users do not need to install, unpack and open the WinDbg folder

Double hit Open windbg.exe, press F6. Locate the SGTool.exe process, click OK after selecting, and enter in the input box below. Dump-m d:1.dmp

Then enter my Computer D disk to find 1.dmp files, the following table complete, issued to, the theme: Input method collapse Input Method version

The input method version can be spelled "Banben" and the second candidate is the version of the current input method.

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