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SORL is a search technology. SOLR runs a Web project that queries the index library for SOLR connections by accessing the Web project.

Common Search Technologies

1. Using Lucene alone to achieve: the low-level: the need to develop a large workload, mainly in: index maintenance, index performance optimization, search performance optimization, etc., so it is not recommended.

2. Using Google or Baidu interface: through the interface provided by the third-party search engine to achieve in-site search, and third-party engine systems rely on tight, inconvenient expansion, not recommended.

3. Using SOLR implementation: SORL is a lucene-based encapsulation technology that enables in-site search scalability and reduces programmer workload based on SOLR, as SOLR offers a more complete search engine solution

Primary integration: SORL integrates Tomcat to Tomcat 1. Put the Solr.war project under WebApps
2. Start the Tomcat decompression war decompression
3. Custom Warehouses
4. Specify the SOLR Project Association to load the SOLR warehouse.
5. Import the log package (must be imported) (The JETTY,SOLR project provides its own log package)
6. Import the log4j configuration file.

7. Modify the configuration file

8. Complete


0. Download SOLR's compact Package

1. Unzip to the E-drive, copy the file directory E:\solr-4.10.3\example\webapps under Solr.war to Tomcat. \apache-tomcat-7.0.68\webapps directory, run, auto unzip generate SOLR project file

2. Create your own SOLR warehouse named home, copy sorl Extract files E:\solr-4.10.3\example under the Sorl warehouse to the home folder.

3. Configure the specified index warehouse location
You need to configure Tomcat's Catalina.bat to assign to a custom warehouse location

4. Import Dependent Packages

SOLR built-in log packages under replication E:\solr-4.10.3\example\lib\ext: Importing jars to Webapps/solr/web-inf/lib

5. Create log file import log file to Tomcat/webapps/solr/web-inf/classes/

tomcat/webapps/solr/web-inf/The Classes folder is not created

6. Browser input address, view SOLR page, view log, analyze log, server missing jar package: Contrib,dist, unzip the SOLR document to copy two files to a custom warehouse.

7. Modify E:\home\solr\collection1\conf configuration file Solrconfig.xml load Jar file

8. Complete and restart Tomcat.

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