Solution for identifying SATA ahci driver integrated with the original xp sp3 Installer

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I. Question proposal
The current computer hardware is basically a SATA hard drive,
The main board is mainly used to adapt to the SATA ahci mode.
The original installation disk of the application's XP system has been directly set up and must be correctly installed
You need to set the bios, change the mode to the ATA mode, and wait for the system to install
After installation, you must manually set the ahci driver for the XP system and write the Registry file.
And then restart the computer to enter the BIOS module.
To change the SATA mode to the ahci mode again.
Ahci driver inclusion Installation Program And make the installation CD.
Ii. Problem Analysis
1. First, you must have an original xp sp3 installation disk.
2. Prepare a driver integration program.
3. Prepare a driver set to be added.
4. Prepare a 700 mb CD recording disk.
5. Prepare the ultraiso software and install it on the system.
6. Prepare the recorder and install the Nero software.
7. Install the RAR decompression software in the system.
Iii. Problem Solving
1. Save the XP SP3 installation disk to your computer using the ultraiso software image. Assume that the disk is saved as [XP sp3.iso ],
Decompress xpsp3.iso and decompress all files in ISO to D: \ xpsp3 \.
2. Create a folder named [XP SP3 system disk with SATA driver integrated]
Assume that the directory is D: \ XP SP3 system disk with SATA driver integrated
3. Go to the website

Download dps_base_1006.exe to D: \ XP SP3 system disk with SATA driver integrated \

Or place the file in this location and download it from here:

4. Go to the website


Find the mass storage in the list project under the title Windows 2000/XP/2003 (x86) driverpacks,

Download dp_massstorage_wn5_x86-32_1203.7z to D: \ XP SP3 system disk with SATA driver integrated \

Or place the file in this location and download it from here:

5. Create a New driverpacks folder to D: \ create an XP SP3 system disk that integrates the SATA driver \
Decompress the dps_base_1006.exe file to the XP SP3 \ driverpacks \ integrated with the SATA driver.
After decompression, we can see that XP SP3 \ driverpacks \ integrated with SATA driver contains a folder driverpacks
6. Move the dp_massstorage_wn5_x86-32_1203.7z file
D: \ XP SP3 \ driverpacks \
7. Run the dig dps_base.exe file in the "D: \ XP SP3 \ driverpacks \ drivers integrated with the SATA driver,
Select your preferred language: English,
Change it to Chinese (simplified), click Apply, and then the Chinese appears on the interface.
The left-hand side English is also Chinese
① In the left-hand tree menu, right-click the node's "set" sub-node "location" and choose
The page for selecting the location of the Installation Platform is displayed.
Note that the default installation platform is "disk". Here, the disk is not changed. There is a browse button under it,
Click Browse to find the Directory D: \ xpsp3 \ (that is, the location of all the content of the original XP installation disk that has just been decompressed ),
Then confirm. After confirmation, the tree menu on the left side has another node: option settings
② The left-click option sets the sub-node to quickly integrate the cache. The quick integration cache is enabled by default, and no changes are made.
In the interface corresponding to the sub-node kid sub-node set by option, KTD is disabled by default, and no changes are made.
③ Click the configured sub-node [Driver package integration mode]. The default mode is method 2 and will not be changed. Because if method 1 is selected,
May be limited by the number of folders retrieved by the Windows Installer, resulting in some drivers may not be loaded.
④ Left-click the child node set [Driver package]
If the 6th step is not completed, rename the 7zcompressed package dp_massstorage_wn5_x86-32_1203.7z.
In this case, all the items in the driver package to be integrated are disabled and cannot be selected,
Only Step 1 has been done
□Driverpack mass storage 12.03
Select this option,
Check driverpack massstorage text mode-update 'f6 'drivers.
Click "integrate,
The program will integrate the dp_massstorage_wn5_x86-32_1203.7z file containing the ahcidriver
D: \ xpsp3 \ in the original installer, the integration process takes 4 to 5 minutes.
After integration, an OEM folder is added to the D: \ xpsp3 \ directory, which is an integrated SATA driver package.
⑤ After the above steps, the file in D: \ xpsp3 \ is the new original XP Installer
What we need to do here is to use the ultraiso software to open the XP sp3.iso
Click "Save boot file" in the "Boot disc" drop-down menu and follow the prompts in the pop-up dialog box,
Put the boot file on the desktop (the file name is assumed to be bootfile. BIF)
Drag all the files in D: \ xpsp3 \ To the file area on the right of the interface after opening xpsp3.iso.
Then, the integrated file is added to xpsp3.iso. After the file is added, click Save.
The newly generated ISO file is the target Virtual CD image xpsp3.iso, which is still reflected in the opening interface of ultraiso,
Click "load boot file" in the "Boot disc" drop-down menu and follow the prompts to export the boot file.
Bootfile. BIF is loaded into the image file xpsp3.iso integrated with the SATA driver,
Click Save again. The image file xpsp3.iso integrated with the SATA driver is ready.
4. Another solution to the problem
The steps in step 3 remain unchanged, but go to step 5, and change the steps in step 5 to use
File cdimage. EXE and file w2ksect. Bin
That is, in the command prompt state, the file cdimage. EXE and the file w2ksect. Bin are integrated
All the files in the folder D: \ xpsp3 \ where the complete installer of the Achi driver is located generate a new ISO file
The statements in the command prompt are similar to the following:
Cdimage-l limit 20120603-t06/03/2012, 17: 17: 00-H-m-n-bw2ksect. Bin D: \ xpsp3 \ 20603.iso.
The solution here is better than Step 5.
However, w2ksect. Bin is a file in windows, and cdimage is an image generation program.
This is just a brief review.


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