Solution for Wi-Fi display hardware disabled in Ubuntu

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I use the computer is ASUS X550C, installed the ubuntu16.04 version.

When connected, "WiFi has been disabled by hardware switch" is displayed. Press FN+F2 to not turn on WiFi. You cannot and cannot turn on WiFi via the Rfkill command.

After understanding, you can suspend the notebook and then re-login, WiFi will be turned on, and every time the restart of the computer will need to suspend once, in order to use WiFi.

Is there a way to do it once and for all? Yes! Landlord in the English Forum in Ubuntu found the following this bug report.

According to the introduction, first you have to confirm your ASUS laptop WiFi module model and the problem is the same as ours. I'll translate it next.

Verification steps:

1: Check that the driver is installed successfully:

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    1. Lspci-nnk | GREP-A2 0280

For example, the output shows "Kernel driver in use:ath9k", remember the ath9k behind, the next use.

2: Check whether the ASUS_NB_WMI drive is working properly

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    1. Lsmod | GREP-E ath9k-e Asus

Where ath9k is the output from step 1 above. In this step, if it is normal to be able to see the WiFi card driver and a "asus_nb_wmi" of the word output.

3: Check the "hard blocked" status of WiFi.

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    1. Rfkill List all

If phy0 above shows "hard Blocked:yes"

4: suspend the system and then wake the system again, will WiFi work?

If the above four steps are confirmed, then your system has the bug, you can use the following actions to solve the problem.


Enter the following command in the system terminal:

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    1. echo "Options asus_nb_wmi wapf=4" | sudo tee/etc/modprobe.d/asus_nb_wmi.conf

In this way, the subsystem will automatically load the ASUS WiFi driver kernel module when it is turned on, restart the system can solve the problem, in the future do not need to suspend each time to use WiFi.

Solution for Wi-Fi display hardware disabled in Ubuntu

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