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Excel is to do the financial statements can not help, but occasionally to do accurate data files, suddenly found that Excel error then how to solve? In the financial wage statement, involving the "payroll tax" calculation, the author in accordance with the "payroll tax" calculation method, work out the calculation of Excel formula, The results of the operation are automatically filled in the tax cell for each employee, based on the relevant calculation of each employee's income item. However, in the "tax column" longitudinal summary summation, but found that the result of automatic summation than the actual sum of the results of more than a few cents.

Excel table

After analysis, we found that when we use Excel to sum up the calculation (especially the data containing decimal places), you will typically set the two-bit decimal number in the cell's format properties, and Excel's automatic computing function will often be accurate to more than two digits after the decimal point, but is not visible in the table because of the user's setting. In this way, Excel adds the exact bit to the sum, rather than adding the two-bit decimal number shown, which results in rounding errors.

Solution: In the payroll of each employee "tax column" formula, in advance to add "rounding" function, namely: Payroll tax =round (tax calculation formula, 2), the results of the calculation to retain two decimal places. So that excel in the data calculation, according to "display bit" to get the calculation results, to avoid the "exact bit" added by the implicit error, so that the problem solved.

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