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IIS problems, Applications Program Pool!

The process shutdown time for the application pool 'apppool # 1' exceeds the limit. The process ID is '20140901 '.

After the above situation occurs, the website corresponding to the application pool will be very slow to access, and almost cannot be opened.

Is IIS suspended?

Restart the site to solve the problem.

It may be caused by application pool settings. I don't know how to set it!

Please advise.

1. Set the process pool recycle time. In the process pool attribute.
2. If your program uses the ASP + ACC database and the ACC database is larger than 30 m, we recommend that you replace the SQL database. Compaction occupies a large amount of CPU and memory resources, which will seriously affect the Web access speed.
3 ASP program has an endless loop.
4. You can use Microsoft Office to compress and repair the ACC database. You must back up the database first.

Reference content 2003 application pool false dead common problems and solutions

As we often talk about it, the 2003 application pool is automatically dead and cannot be recovered. The common methods for service unavailable are as follows.

1: This IIS6 will appear when SP1 is not patched before. 0 false dead problems, but now Microsoft has released patches in Automatic Updates. Generally, this problem will not occur after you have installed the latest patches. (So the current IIS false death is not very closely related to this)

2: Since iis6.0, CPU resources are limited in the application pool, unlike the previous IIS. 5. The reason for the suspended pool is that the pool is pulled to death. When the website cannot be opened, you can see that one of your application pools is disabled and a Red Cross is displayed on it. Right-click the website and the website will be automatically restored. This is probably because of the following factors.

(1): You have limited the resource limit of the application pool. The limit is too small, for example, 50 or less. If the website under your pool occupies too high CPU, for example, if it exceeds 50%, it will automatically die in five minutes. By default, the application pool created manually exceeds the resource limit and will not be operated.
Solution to the above problem: 1: No CPU resources are restricted (this is not desirable, there is no limit on resources, some programs have bugs occupying resources, the server will be killed, and you may not be able to operate the server .) 2: If you choose to disable the service when the resource is exceeded, the service will fail 5 times by default and be restored within 90 seconds. Generally, the service will be available by default. The website can be automatically restored. If the website is not permanently closed, it means that the resource is closed more than once, and the pool is automatically restored within a certain period of time. No operation means no recovery. This is a misunderstanding of many people. I wrote a related explanation last time.

(2): The memory is limited to iis6. 0 the application pool has virtual memory and maximum memory limit. If you set this limit. If the website traffic is too large, it will also be suspended. Therefore, we do not recommend that you set it here. By default.

3: the memory of the server itself is too small. Of course, the website needs to use the memory. When the memory is insufficient, the application pool will also die and become disabled. The application pool can be restored only when all the memory is released. In this case, you need to consider adding memory or checking which program occupies the memory. For example, the MSSQL database is a large memory user. It is best not to use the same server as the web server. Many people use 1g memory as the 2003 system, and the 2003net structure occupies a lot of memory. Therefore, to select 2003 for the server, they have to add the memory to 2G or higher. The memory is not enough as mentioned in the previous two points, and it cannot be operated or automatically restored.

4: The ACCESS database is too large or there are too many queries, this will also lead to the failure of IIS, solution; repair the ACCESS database, or try to use the ACCESS database as little as possible.

5. Use different application pools for different websites: depending on your actual situation, it is best to separate an application pool with a large site. If the resource limit exceeds automatic recovery, see the preceding figure (1) as mentioned, this will not affect other sites. Medium-sized site: multiple websites share one application pool. For example, five sites use one pool and set their resource time. In this way, even if they exceed resources, they will not affect the websites of other application pools.

6: Set the recycle time: Many people think that the shorter the recycle pool is, the better it is. In fact, the memory is recycled every time it is recycled, but the load on the server is increased, when the server is busy, other application pools may die. We recommend that you set 1000 in total. Other independent pools can be set to 600 based on their website traffic. We do not recommend that you set too short for sharing.

7: the website background may not be too long before it will automatically exit and re-log in again: in this case, you set the recovery time to be too short. Set it. Do not set 20 or 30 points. This is not good.

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