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Unit recently bought a new HP ProLiant DL385 server, while purchasing an HP Smart array G2 disk control array card, configured with 10 146GB of capacity of 10,000-turn SCSI hard drive, now I intend to make these 10 SCSI hard disk raid 5, so that the disk array system to maintain a large number of multimedia information task. To do this, the author quickly opened the server chassis shell and then carefully inserted the HP Smart array G2 disk array card into the server board's PCI slot, then connected the SCSI cable to the disk array card, The other end is connected directly to a disk-controlled array cabinet with a 10-piece SCSI hard drive, and then to the disk control array cabinet, and then to power the server host when all of the hard drive lights flicker, and then the server automatically starts to perform the detection operation.

In the process of detection, the author found that the Windows system first identified the disk array card installed in slot 1, and then the hard disk in which the initial scan operation, but when the scan was completed, the author found that all the hard drive lights installed in the disk control array cabinet turned red, The system also prompts that the logical hard drive and the physical hard drive are not detected. I am not at ease, restart the computer system, and in the start-up process in time to press the F8 function key, into the disk array parameter configuration interface, and in which the view of the implementation of the Logical Disk command, but the system is still prompted not to find the available logical hard disk, It appears that the 10 SCSI hard drives installed in the disk control array cabinet are not recognized by the system.

Considering that a 10 SCSI hard drive is connected to your computer through a disk-controlled array cabinet, any hard drive that is damaged, or any one of the SCSI cable cables or disk control array cards, can cause the computer system to fail to detect the hard drive. In order to eliminate the hard drive detection failure, the author has to start from the possible factors to the various factors for step-by-step investigation:

First, I pulled the SCSI cable from the connecting disk control array cabinet to the array card installed in the PCI slot of the computer. Then one end of the cable is connected directly to the SCSI port in the computer's motherboard, not to the disk array card, the other end is still connected to the disk control array cabinet, and the computer is powered up, Let the Windows Server system to scan the hard drive again, the results of the author found that all SCSI hard drives can be correctly scanned by Windows Server System, and the screen also shows the detailed parameters of each hard disk information, including the hard disk manufacturers, specific models, The size of the capacity and the SCSI identification number used, which results in at least the normal SCSI cable and the working status of the disk control array cabinet.

After excluding the disk control array cabinets and SCSI signal cable factors, the following author will be the focus of the investigation "locked" on the disk control array card. In order to verify whether there is any damage to the disk control array card, the author purposely borrowed a piece of normal hp Smart array G2 disk array card from other departments to replace the original disk array card of the computer; When I connect a working disk array card to a disk control array cabinet with a SCSI signal cable and power the computer, I find that the Windows Server system still fails to detect the scanned hard drive, and the symptom is almost exactly the same as the previous symptom. Here I am basically determined that the disk control array card also has no problem. Since there are no problems with the disk control array cabinets, array cards, and SCSI signal cables, why are the 10 SCSI hard drives installed in the disk control array cabinets not properly scanned and recognized by the Windows Server system?

After the above step-by-step investigation, now the only possible cause of the hard drive detection failure is that some of the hard drives have been damaged; To verify their conjecture, the author will be installed in the disk control array cabinet all the hard drive out first, and then again in the disk control array cabinet to install only one hard drive, and turn on the computer power to scan test, the results found that the Windows Server system can scan to recognize the hard drive. According to the same operation method, the author also in the disk control array cabinet New added a hard disk, and the computer power to the scan test, the test results are normal; and so on, when the author joined the sixth hard drive to test, found that the Windows Server system can not find the hard disk; When the sixth hard drive is excluded , and then add another hard drive to continue the test, found that the test results are normal.

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