Solution to the problem of bootcamp blue screen under Win7

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Apple computers use bootcamp to install a dual system, Win7, if the Apple is installed with the bootcamp program, or BOOTCAMP64. Then the reboot will be blue screen, the problem of the driver incompatibility is reported.

The solution on the network is: OK, reboot, wait for the blue screen to reboot. Then go into the MACOSX system and install the NTFS read driver Paragon NTFS for Mac. And then rename the C:/window/systam32/driver32 under the

Applemtp.sys and Applemtn.sys for other names, such as adding _n at the end. Then enter Windows to remove an update under Control Panel. Restart again, and then change the file you just renamed to the original.

Today's whim, can you rename the two files first, and then restart it? Prerequisites: [Win7 X64 system. Bootcamp64.msi] The individual is loaded with 64-bit Win7, if 32-bit, then the installation should be another program file.


1. Click to run Bootcamp64.msi

2. In the Automatic Update configuration interface to the hook, personally think that the update is useless.

3. Installation complete, prompted to reboot, here Select "No" and later manually restart

4. Rename the Applemtp.sys under C:/window/systam32/driver32 and Applemtn.sys for other names, such as at the end plus _n. Applemtp.sys_n and Applemtn.sys_n

5. Restart Windows.

6. After startup completes, the touchpad is not available, you can choose full keyboard operation or USB mouse.

Full Keyboard tips: Windows logo key. Win+e can open the resource manager, which is my computer. Enter is entered. Alt+f can pop-up File menu, up and Down key, and tab switch.

7 change the original renamed file back to restart the computer.

8. Finished, no blue screen.

Personal Summary: Guess is the first time after installing the bootcamp, will perform some operations, at this time, renamed the two files, will not perform these operations. So the problem is gone.

If there are other discoveries later, this article will be modified.

Note: Because the blue screen too many times, annoying not very annoying, the previous system is in the driver folder, directly install the driver, but only do not install bootcamp this program. This is not so convenient to switch, the Touchpad right button is not available.

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