Solutions for Bluetooth speakers not connected

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A problem has been encountered, the Bluetooth speaker can search but cannot connect.

Reason Analysis:

1, System problems

2, set the error


A, mobile phone or tablet can search the Bluetooth speaker, but after the selection prompts can not connect

1.1 Connect the Bluetooth speaker to other devices to see if there is a problem with the speakers.

1.2 To see if there is a recent installation of Bluetooth software, if so, recommend uninstall.

1.3 The phone back to the factory settings.

1.4 Brush Machine.

Second, notebook or desktop computer can search the Bluetooth speaker, but after the selection prompts can not connect

2.1 First confirmed that the computer's Bluetooth turned on, Bluetooth and other normal, and open the Bluetooth speaker switch.

2.2 Check the Bluetooth headset or the front of the speaker, as shown below.

2.3 Right--notice area small horn--play equipment, the following figure

2.4 Set the Bluetooth audio speaker to the default value.

3. System problem, reload system.

4. Bluetooth fault, replace the Bluetooth adapter.

5. The distance between the Bluetooth speaker and the terminal is far, the signal is not strong.

6. Motherboard issues, replace the motherboard.

After the above treatment, can finally exempt annoying wire of the tie, freely in various ways to listen to music.

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