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1. When the system starts to display the operating system list, presses F8 to appear the advanced startup option;

A. Safe mode: Only basic services and drivers are loaded.

Used to troubleshoot situations where additional hardware drivers or software have been installed, causing the system to not start properly. Choose Safe Mode and uninstall additional drivers or software if you can access the operating system.

B.last Known Good: Start the last successful configuration.

Used to resolve the system's drive, and the service has been incorrectly configured to cause the system to fail to boot. Select the last Known good to revert to the configuration at the previous normal logon.

C.VGA mode: Starts the computer's 16-color 640x480 resolution using standard VGA mode.

Used to troubleshoot display configuration errors, such as a splash screen or a black screen when the resolution refresh rate setting is too high. Service Restore Mode: Directory Services recovery model.

If this server is domain Controller, and the Directory Services catalog service is not working properly, select this mode, and then run Ntdsutil.exe to maintain the directory service.

2. Recovery Console: Restore console.

If you cannot start with advanced startup options such as Safe mode, you can use the recovery Console.

Ways to enter Recoveronsole:

A. Boot from Win2000 CD or 4 installation floppy disk.

B. Select R repair during the installation process.

C. Follow the prompts to select C to enter recovery Console.

After entering the Recovery Console, you can use the following common commands to repair your system:

A.fixboot: Repairing the boot sector

B.FIXMBR: Repair Master boot Record

C.copy: From floppy disk, CD copy file to hard disk (can access NTFS partition)

3.Emergency repaire: Emergency repair.

Used to repair system file damage loss, registry damage, boot environment damage, and so on.

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