Solve the internal server error of IIS "HTTP 500" in XP

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Iis500 error is caused by a Microsoft Bug. The solution is as follows:

The internal HTTP 500 error is mainly caused by the wrong password of the IWAM account (my computer is the iwam_myserver account.

Before analyzing the cause of an internal error in http500 in detail, let's give a brief introduction to the IWAM account: the IWAM account is a built-in account automatically created by the system when iis5 is installed, it is mainly used to start applications outside the process.Program. The name of the IWAM account varies depending on the NetBIOS name of each computer. The common format is iwam_machine, it is composed of the prefix "IWAM", the connection line "_", and the computer's NetBIOS name. My computer's NetBIOS name is myserver, so the IWAM account name on my computer is iwam_myserver, which is very similar to the way in which the IIS Anonymous Account isur_machine is named.

After the IWAM account is created, it is used by the Active Directory, IIS metabase database, and COM + applications. The account and password are respectively saved by the three parties, the operating system is responsible for synchronizing the IWAM password stored by the three parties. We can rest assured that the work undertaken by the operating system does not have to worry about errors, but we do not know whether it is a bug or another reason. The system sometimes fails to synchronize the password of the IWAM account, the password used by the third-party IWAM account is inconsistent. When IIS or COM + applications use the wrong IWAM password to log on to the system and start IIS Out-of-process pooled applications, the system rejects this request due to a wrong password, this causes IIS Out-of-process pooled applications to fail to start, that is, the "cannot run server {3d14228d-fbe1-11d0-995d-00c04fd919c1}" we see in the id10004 error event (here {token} is the key of IIS Out-of-process pooled applications ), it cannot be transferred to the iis5 application. An internal HTTP 500 error occurs.


Synchronize accounts manually

Knowing the cause of an internal error in HTTP 500 makes it easy to solve the problem, that is, manually synchronize the password of the IWAM account in Active Directory, IIS metabase database, and COM + applications.

You must log on to the computer as an administrator in three steps to provide sufficient operation permissions (IWAM uses iwam_myserver as an example ).

(1) change the password of the iwam_myserver account in Active Directory

Because the password of the IWAM account is controlled by the system and generated randomly, we don't know what it is. To complete the password synchronization in the following two steps, we must set the password of the IWAM account to a value we know.

1. Choose Start> program> Administrative Tools> Active Directory users and computers to start the Active Directory users and computers Management Unit.

2. Click "user", select "iwam_myserver" on the right, right-click and select "Reset Password (t )... ", in the Reset Password dialog box that appears, set a new password for iwam_myserver. Here we will set it to" aboutnt2001 "(without quotation marks). OK, wait until the password is successfully modified.

(2) synchronize the password of iwam_myserver account in IIS metabase

This change may be too sensitive and important. Microsoft did not provide an explicit user interface for us to modify the iwam_myserver account password in IIS metabase, and only provided a management script adsutil with iis5. vbs. The script is located in the C: \ Inetpub \ adminscripts subdirectory (the location may vary depending on the settings you set when installing iis5 ).

The adsutil. vbs script has powerful functions, many parameters, and complex usage. Here we only provide the method to use this script to modify the iwam_myserver account password:

Adsutil set w3svc/wamuserpass Password

The "password" parameter is the new password of the IWAM account to be set. Therefore, the command to change the password of iwam_myserver in IIS metabase to "aboutnt2001" is:

C: \ Inetpub \ adminscripts> adsutil set w3svc/wamuserpass "aboutnt2001"

After the modification is successful, the system prompts the following:

Wamuserpass: (string) "aboutnt2001"

(3) password of iwam_myserver used to synchronize COM + applications

The iwam_myserver password used to synchronize COM + applications. You can choose either the component service MMC management unit or the IWAM account synchronization script synciwam. vbs.

1. Use the component service MMC Management Unit

(1) Start the Component Service Management Unit: Choose Start> RUN> MMC to start the management console and open the Add/delete Management Unit dialog box, add the Component Service Management Unit.

(2) choose component service> Computer> my computer> COM + application> out-of-process pooled applications ", right-click "out-of-process pooled Applications"-> "properties ".

(3) switch to the "sign" tab in the "out-of-process pooled Applications" attribute dialog box. "This application runs under the following accounts" and "this user" is selected, with the username "iwam_myserver ". These are all default values and do not need to be modified. Enter the correct password "aboutnt2001" in the "password" and "Confirm Password" text boxes below to exit.

(4) If the system prompts "the application is created by more than one external product. Are you sure you want to be supported by these products ?" .

(5) If we set "application protection" for some other web pages in IIS to "high (independent )", the IWAM account and password of the COM + application used by the web must also be synchronized. Repeat Step (1)-(4) To synchronize the IWAM account and password of the corresponding out of Process application.

2. Use the IWAM account synchronization script synciwam. vbs

In fact, Microsoft has discovered that the IWAM account has problems in password synchronization. Therefore, in the iis5 management script, a script synciwam is written separately for the IWAM account and password synchronization. vbs. The script is located in the C: \ Inetpub \ adminscripts subdirectory (the location may vary depending on the settings you set when installing iis5 ).

Synciwam. vbs script is easy to use:

Cscript synciwam. vbs [-v |-H]

The "-V" parameter indicates that the entire script execution process is displayed in detail (recommended), and the "-h" parameter is used to display simple help information.

To synchronize the password of the iwam_myserver account in the COM + application, Run "cscript synciwam. vbs-V" as follows:

Cscript c: \ Inetpub \ adminscripts \ synciwam. vbs-V

Microsoft (r) Windows Script Host version 5.6

Copyright (c) Microsoft Corporation 1996-2000. All rights reserved.

Wamusername: iwam_myserver

Wamuserpass: aboutnt2001

IIS applications defined:

Name, appisolated, package ID

W3SVC, 0, {3d14228c-fbe1-11d0-995d-00c04fd919c1}

Root, 2,

IISHelp, 2,


Iissamples, 2,


Root, 2,


IISHelp, 2,

Root, 2,

Root, 2,

Out of process applications defined:

Count: 1


Updating applications:

Name: IIS Out-of-process pooled applications key: {3d14228d-fbe1-11d0-995d-00c04fd919c1}

From the execution of the above script, we can see that using synciwam. vbs scripts is more comprehensive and fast than using component services. It first finds the IWAM account "iwam_myserver" from the metabase database of IIS, obtains the corresponding password "aboutnt2001", and then finds all the defined IIS applications and out of process applications, and synchronize the IWAM account and password of each out of process applications application one by one.

When using the synciwam. vbs script, you must ensure that the IIS metabase database and the IWAM password in Active Directory are consistent before running synciwam. vbs. Because synciwam. the vbs script obtains the IWAM account password from the IIS metabase database rather than from the Active Directory. If the password in IIS metabase is incorrect, synciwam. the password obtained by vbs is incorrect. When the synchronization operation is performed on "Updating Applications", the system reports a 80110414 error, that is, "The application {3d14228d-fbe1-11d0-995d-00c04fd919c1} cannot be found }".

Batch Synchronization

Some bat can be used to fix such IE problems.
Now, the password of the IWAM account in Active Directory, IIS metabase database, and COM + application has been synchronized successfully, and your ASP program can run again!

Copy the following statement and paste it into a text file. save the text file with the. extension. BAT file. example: IE. BAT. double-click to open the BAT file. confirm to the end step by step. the problem can be solved.
Ie. bat

Rem ===== Channel 7 Batch Processing starts ========

Rundll32.exe/s advpack. dll/delnoderundll32 c: \ winnt \ system32 \ dacui. dll
Rundll32.exe/s advpack. dll/delnoderundll32 C :\\ winnt \ catroot \ icatalog. MDB
Regsvr32/s setupwbv. dll
Regsvr32/s wininet. dll
Regsvr32/s comcat. dll
Regsvr32/s shdoc401.dll
Regsvr32/s shdoc401.dll/I
Regsvr32/s asctrls. ocx
Regsvr32/s oleaut32.dll
Regsvr32/s shdocvw. dll/I
Regsvr32/s shdocvw. dll
Regsvr32/s browseui. dll
Regsvr32/s browseui. dll/I
Regsvr32/s msrating. dll
Regsvr32/s mlang. dll
Regsvr32/s hlink. dll
Regsvr32/s mshtml. dll
Regsvr32/s mshtmled. dll
Regsvr32/s urlmon. dll
Regsvr32/s plugin. ocx
Regsvr32/s sendmail. dll
Regsvr32/s comctl32.dll/I
Regsvr32/s inetcpl. Cpl/I
Regsvr32/s mshtml. dll/I
Regsvr32/s scrobj. dll
Regsvr32/s mmefxe. ocx
Regsvr32/s proctexe. ocx mshta.exe/register
Regsvr32/s corpol. dll
Regsvr32/s jscript. dll
Regsvr32/s MSXML. dll
Regsvr32/s imgutil. dll
Regsvr32/s thumbvw. dll
Regsvr32/s cryptext. dll
Regsvr32/s rsabase. dll
Regsvr32/s triedit. dll
Regsvr32/s dhtmled. ocx
Regsvr32/s Inseng. dll
Regsvr32/s iesetup. dll/I
Regsvr32/s hmmapi. dll
Regsvr32/s cryptdlg. dll
Regsvr32/s actxprxy. dll
Regsvr32/s dispex. dll
Regsvr32/s occache. dll
Regsvr32/s occache. dll/I
Regsvr32/s iepeers. dll
Regsvr32/s wininet. dll/I
Regsvr32/s urlmon. dll/I
Regsvr32/s digest. dll/I
Regsvr32/s cdfview. dll
Regsvr32/s webcheck. dll
Regsvr32/s mobsync. dll
Regsvr32/s pngfilt. dll
Regsvr32/s licmgr10.dll
Regsvr32/s icmfilter. dll
Regsvr32/s hhctrl. ocx
Regsvr32/s inetcfg. dll
Regsvr32/s trialoc. dll
Regsvr32/s TDC. ocx
Regsvr32/s msr2c. dll
Regsvr32/s msident. dll
Regsvr32/s msieftp. dll
Regsvr32/s xmsconf. ocx
Regsvr32/s ILS. dll
Regsvr32/s msoeacct. dll
Regsvr32/s wab32.dll
Regsvr32/s wabimp. dll
Regsvr32/s wabfind. dll
Regsvr32/s oemiglib. dll
Regsvr32/s directdb. dll
Regsvr32/s inetcomm. dll
Regsvr32/s msoe. dll
Regsvr32/s oeimport. dll
Regsvr32/s msdxm. ocx
Regsvr32/s dxmasf. dll
Regsvr32/s laprxy. dll
Regsvr32/s l3codecx. Ax
Regsvr32/s acelpdec. Ax
Regsvr32/s mpg4ds32. Ax
Regsvr32/s voxmsdec. Ax
Regsvr32/s danim. dll
Regsvr32/s daxctle. ocx
Regsvr32/s lmrt. dll
Regsvr32/s datime. dll
Regsvr32/s dxtrans. dll
Regsvr32/s dxtmsft. dll
Regsvr32/s vgx. dll
Regsvr32/s webpost. dll
Regsvr32/s wpwizdll. dll
Regsvr32/s postwpp. dll
Regsvr32/s crswpp. dll
Regsvr32/s ftpwpp. dll
Regsvr32/s fpwpp. dll
Regsvr32/s flupl. ocx
Regsvr32/s wshom. ocx
Regsvr32/s wshext. dll
Regsvr32/s VBScript. dll
Regsvr32/s scrrun. dll mstinit.exe/setup
Regsvr32/s msnsspc. dll/sspccreatesspireg
Regsvr32/s msapsspc. dll/sspccreatesspireg

Rem ===== batch processing completion ========

In addition:

The previous steps were successful, but in "start"> "Settings"> "Control Panel"> "Management Tools"> "component service", "Console Root"

Directory> component service> Computer "-

> "My computer"-> "COM + application", right-click to start IIS Out-of-process pooled applications and find that

Error reported. Unable to restart IIS, problem found

As before, check the preceding step 3. After you enter the csripat synciwam. vbs-V command, the execution of the returned script is the last one.

Section has an error prompt. A paragraph in English,

The text description cannot be saved, meaning that the original IIS database is denied access.
4. You are helpless. Deleting the IIS component package and re-establishing it will still be ineffective.

Now there is another problem.

View application logs and system logs. If an error is found, the event ID is still 10010, 36, or 4205.
In the above three steps, there should be no problem in the previous two steps, and the last step seems to be a problem.
Find the relevant information based on the event ID and find the solution as follows:
Choose Start> set> Control Panel> Administrative Tools> Computer Management> System Tools> Local Users

And "group"-> "user", confirm iwam_my

Server users are only in the guest group, and then in "local users and groups"-> "group", right-click the Users Group attribute and add it to NT

Authority \ Authenticated Users and NT

Authority \ Interactive: two user Members. OK.

Repeat the third step, that is, enter C :\\ Inetpub \ adminscripts> csript synciwam. vbs-V under the default IIS installation directory.
Check the returned script execution. The error in the last segment is no longer available. Change the COM + program user back to IWAM user.

, Restart IIS Out-of-Process

Pooled applications. If no error is reported, restart IIS and check all web site services!

In other words, the ASP program under IIS is restored and restarted.
So far, all faults have been eliminated!

Therefore, pay attention to the following points:
1. The space settings of Event Logs are slightly enlarged. The default value is 512 KB. Depending on the hard disk space, you can zoom in to avoid the log file being full;
2. Do not easily clear the event records in the event log. You need to find the cause for many failures;
3. Check the returned system prompts carefully;
4. Application protection in IIS should be medium or high. If it is low, all ASP pages run with local system permissions, which causes security problems.
5. Check the user permissions and startup permissions of the COM + program.
6. the default system group sometimes plays an important role and cannot be easily deleted or modified.
7. Important system documents (such as Sam) cannot be easily deleted. Proper solutions should be taken as far as possible. For example, you can use an external program to modify the registry or Sam table information to obtain administrator privileges. Do not delete the file.

Through this problem, we can find some seemingly complicated and incredible problems. Just use your brains, carefully check and analyze them, and then find some relevant problems on the Internet.ArticleMake a comparison, but do not choose to stick to it. Find the root cause of your problem and then find the corresponding solution. The problem will eventually be solved.



Xp iis is bad, "HTTP 500" internal error, classic error. I found many articles about this issue on the Internet, but most of them are the same. The effective methods are as follows.

Today, I installed IIS on the newly installed XP, and the above problem occurs. There is no problem opening html. When opening ASP files, an "HTTP 500" error message is displayed. I removed ie "show friendly HTTP Error message" and then showed up when opening the ASP file:
Server application error
The server has encountered an error while loading an application during the processing of your request. Please refer to the event log for more detail information. Please contact the server administrator for maintenance ance

The cause is that the password of the IWAM account (iwam_myserver account on my computer) is incorrect, resulting in an internal HTTP 500 error.

Aside from some basic possibilities, I searched for a solution on the Internet. Finally, we have solved this problem. Let's share it here.

Start the MSDTC service first. What is the MSDTC Service? Display name: Distributed Transaction Coordinator; Description: Coordinates transactions across multiple databases, message queues, file systems, and other resource managers. If you stop this service, these transactions will not occur. If this service is disabled, other services explicitly dependent on this service cannot be started.
Net start MSDTC under cmd
The result shows that the "Distributed Transaction Coordinator service cannot be started ".
Rename the c: \ windows \ system32 \ dtclog directory (if there is one, skip this step) and recreate the directory.
In the command line: MSDTC-resetlog
Net start MSDTC again, indicating that the service has been started successfully.

Right-click my computer-Manage-local users and groups, and set the password for "IUSR _ machine name" and "IWAM _ machine name.

Next, "Start" → "run" → enter "cmd" and confirm, and execute the following command:
% Systemdrive %
Cd % systemdrive % \ Inetpub \ adminscripts
Cscript.exe adsutil. vbs set w3svc/wamuserpass the password you set
Cscript.exe adsutil. vbs set w3svc/anonymoususerpass the password you set

Can you see it? If not, run the following command:
Cscript.exe synciwam. vbs-V

Restart IIS and run the following command: iisreset

This step still does not work. Finally, execute the following command in cmd:
% Systemdrive %
Cd % SystemRoot % \ system32 \ inetsrv
Rundll32 wamreg. dll, createiispackage
Regsvr32 asptxn. dll

Close all IE Windows, open them again, and run OK.

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