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DreamHost as a shared host, usually has some restrictions on the user's CPU utilization, if some users of the site use too much CPU resources and affect the performance of the server, then this user account may be disabled, so Users using the DreamHost host need to know how much CPU resources they are using to prevent the host from being blocked.

  How much CPU resources users can use

As a quantified metric, DreamHost uses CPU minutes to measure the user's use of CPU resources, which normally allows each user to use a CPU minutes (60-minute CPU), and if that number is exceeded, it doesn't matter, If you reach this number above 三、四倍, then it is likely to be disabled, usually when your page is always 500 errors, you need to focus on how much CPU minutes you use.

  How to reduce the CPU resources used

Typically, the way to reduce CPU minutes is to disable gzip compression transmissions on the host (which can sometimes be lowered up to 75%,wordpress can disable gzip in the admin interface), reduce database queries, and optimize scripts.

  How to view your own CPU resource reports

First login to the DreamHost management console, edit your users in Manage users, select CPU Reporting, usually one day later you can see the report.

There are two ways to view reports, one of which is that you can see the last seven days of reporting files in the logs/resources/directory after landing via FTP or SSH.

Another way is through web page access, each domain name will have a statistics page, using this address can directly view the report file.

In the CPU resource report file, we usually just pay attention to the CPU seconds this column can be, the number divided by 60, you can get the user that day CPU minutes to see if this number is greater than 60, if it is, we should pay attention to reduce the use of CPU resources, If more than the CPU minutes is still not resolved, it is not far from being sealed.

According to some of my experience, to achieve a CPU minutes is not difficult, a daily 3000IP of WordPress or a daily 500IP discuz forum is likely to meet this standard, the reason for this also has dreamhost their own excessive sales errors.

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