Solve the problem that CHM cannot read in English XP: cannot open the file: MK: @ msitstore navigation to the webpage was canceled

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Problem 1 Description:

After downloading some CHM-format e-books, you cannot open them and cannot read them. System prompt: cannot open
File: MK: @ msitstore :... /*. CHM. And some can read. The portable computer system is Windows
XP English version. However, these unreadable books can be read normally on the desktop Win2k Chinese edition.


1. others' experience:

Many people have asked and answered this question on the Internet, but they all have the shadows of Microsoft's answers. Someone uses the regsvr32 method to register hhctrl. ocx, hhsetup. dll, and itss. dll under C:/winnt/system32. (I tried it. It's useless. In addition, I also replaced the original file with the file in the installation disk, and then performed regsvr32, or not ). Some people also think that this is because of the problem of regional settings in the English system. Open the control panel, double-click the region and language, and set all the region options to China (Simplified Chinese) and China, you can. (This is how my system was set)

2. Methods:

After reading numerous articles, I decompile them. I still cannot use XP in English. So I thought about the CHM compilation process: Will it make it possible to name it in Chinese before compilation. I changed the Chinese name of the CHM e-books to a pinyin letter.
Decompilation, and you can also enable reading. That's simple. I 've been playing around with my system for almost a whole day. So are you !!! That's easy !! ------- [Move]Change the Chinese name of CHM to English name or pinyin !!!

3. Appendix: methods described by foreign users.

See ADid = 191474 & START = 0


4. Appendix: how Microsoft solves this problem

(But Win98)



Question 2 Description:

When the CHM file is opened, the right box displays "navigation to the webpage was canceled" or "Action
Canceled ".



This is caused by CHM privacy. After the download is complete, right-click the CHM File Attribute and click unblock in the security line to open it.

After downloading, right-click the CHM File, select Properties, then click
"Unblock ".

The following lists the causes why the CHM file cannot be opened:Http://

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