Solve the problem that Ubuntu 14.04 can't adjust the screen brightness

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installed Ubuntu 14.04, the most like to open the first is "system settings", because want to first adjust it to their favorite style (of course, want to further adjust, you need to use other software), and then to slowly transform it. Ubuntu default screen brightness for the largest, looking very dazzling, so I want to lower a bit, but no matter how the tune is not changed, so for a while, the result, it was forgotten, today just have a free, simply went to find a solution. It seems that everyone has encountered this problem, so there are a lot of solutions, below I will write a kind of personal think relatively simple solution:

Terminal Input Code:

1 sudogedit /etc/default/grub

Found in open file

Grub_cmdline_linux= ""

Change into

grub_cmdline_linux= "Acpi_backlight=vendor"

You can save it after you change it.

Then upgrade Grub:

1 sudoupdate-grub

Re-start the ... Press FN to adjust.

Used to set the brightness initial value:

Terminal Input Code:

sudogedit /etc/rc.local

add a sentence in the Open file ( add before exit 0 )


echo >/sys/class/backlight/intel_backlight/brightness

Then save it

After the above method, you can adjust the screen brightness, and the restart will not change the brightness value you set.

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Solve the problem that Ubuntu 14.04 can't adjust the screen brightness

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