Solve the problem that Ubuntu 8.10 cannot access the Desktop

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After Ubuntu is installed, Grub's error 18 and error 15 problems are solved today (MB/boot partition is used during partitioning,
And put it at the very beginning.) to solve this problem, I did not know that I had reinstalled it many times. I did not expect that I encountered another login problem and was depressed!


When you enter the account and password on the logon screen, only the yellow wallpaper and a mouse cursor are displayed,
However, when the mouse is able to move the mouse, I just encountered this problem and made all my headers bigger. I changed the configuration to/etc/X11/Xorg. conf and uninstalled the target group,
Copy the configuration file from another machine...
I tried all the methods, ubuntu was still indifferent, and finally found the problem caused by compiz. Just unload it.

The method is as follows:
Do not log on to the logon page. Press CTRL + ALT + F1 to enter the text terminal and run the following command,
Apt-Get remove compiz *

If not, first apt-Get update. If it is slow, you can first modify the source/etc/APT/sources. List

Well, this problem has caused me so long. 555555

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