Some insights on program modularization 3

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Today's products often cannot complete the program at one time. After the customer experience, they are generally added
Or change the program. For newly added programs, I will often add one more flag or
This is easier to understand than NLP, but it is not logical.
Well, what's fatal is that because the flag is not cleared in time, the consequences may be unimaginable,
Of course, experienced programmers tend to think about this problem, that is, when adding the program
The flag is cleared. Therefore, we recommend that you fully understand what is more important than functionality.
A good program, then planning, and finally adding a modular (that is, a new function) Process
The new requirements are completed in sequence. Try to use static variables for new modules at the same time.
Some global variables are easy to understand. In general, try not to add a flag.
The new requirements of the program are completed. This is a bad habit, and good habits may be hard to stick. Same
To facilitate future understanding and changes. Stick to the best in program modularization
Gaze is a very good aspect of a great programmer.


Every bit of effort !!!

Some insights on program modularization 3

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