Some inspirations from the revolution to entrepreneurship in a different perspective

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My best friend, Shu Jun, teaches "Mao Zedong Mzd thought" in college. We have nothing to talk about, nothing to do, but once we talk about Mao, our conflict is very fierce, immediately're same page debate, who can not convince each other.

Later, in order to educate me, he changed an angle, said: Mao when the Revolution, and your current entrepreneurial situation is very similar, you may as an entrepreneur's point of view Mao, especially 49 ago Mao. This is indeed an interesting point of view, so according to his request, bought this "biography of Mao Zedong" (-1949). Before we can see it, I took part in the activity of "the red native line of Guangxi Baise Line" organized by the news office. Almost all the CEOs of famous websites attended, including Charles Chao, Charles Zhang, Ding Lei, Li and so on. This is my fourth time to participate, has been to Jinggangshan, Yanan, Zunyi.

The first few times are in the name of Sohu Editor-in-Chief, this time is an entrepreneur's identity, coupled with the guidance of friends before, sure enough this feeling is not the same, really feel that the revolution and entrepreneurship have a lot in common. Pure ridicule, not politics.

1. Risk

Entrepreneurship is risky, it may lose money, time, opportunity cost. The revolution is more risky, and it is not just those that are lost, but also life. The greater the risk, the more the return, the success of the venture can get wealth, the revolution is successful can get the world:

2. Opportunity

Deng Xiaoping led the Baise uprising just 25 years old. There were many younger than him in the Revolutionary Army of the year. Lin Biao became commander at the age of 20. This is the same as the current "". We are now entrepreneurs of the "flourishing", at that time but the revolutionary spirit, the ranks of the uprising throughout the country multi-polar, like today's start-up companies.

3. Leaders

The reason for the early success of a start-up enterprise 50% is to have a good leader. The same is true of revolutions. Mao is a great man, he is the Chinese revolution at least 20 years early success. Of course, he has to gather a bunch of equally good comrades.

4, Ideal

From government troops to the Revolutionary army, like from big companies to startups, why? Revolutionary time by the communist ideal, the Communist Party's purpose, entrepreneurship also needs ideals, passion and blood. It's hard to keep a start-up company without ideals.

5. Cultural

The revolutionary troop income is not high, needs to have the enterprise culture cohesion. GCD this aspect is the decision Master, the various doctrine, the thought, the rectification, the transformation, the slogan, the Party school, the Military Academy and so on is not in the forging enterprise culture?! The Kuomintang loses its culture. A start-up company also needs the forging of a corporate culture. When there is no money, culture is more important.

6. Pressure

The revolution is going through countless failures. A lot of failure can make a final success. Mao So, Sun is the same. It must be very hard to feel in it. Really entrepreneurial bitter not bitter, look at Mao Zedong, entrepreneurship is not difficult, see Sun Yat-sen bar. The mind will balance a lot.

7. Survival

When you start a business, the most important thing to do is to generate income. The same is the revolution. See "Red Star Shining in China", know the Yan ' an revolutionary team's income "mainly to confiscate the main." You can't live without a fart.

8. High Salary

Of course, sometimes high wages attract talent also should be, Deng Xiaoping White uprising recruit troops, the first month's rates are 20 silver circle! Count it, it's a great sum of money! Of course, it is said that the second month is not: (this is very much like many start-up companies.)

9. Investment

The early Chinese Communist Party was financed mainly by the Soviet Union, which provided not only the capital but also the communist system and ideals. This is like VC, not only investment funds, but also into a listing of the road and enterprise management system. After the investment, investors need to return, he became a director, even Mayor Dong, began to interfere with the development of Chinese companies, so there is the management and the Board of contradictions. The governance of the Board of Directors is the most important thing for the company, and it is not the same as big to one country.

10. Acquisition

Deng Xiaoping to White, first persuaded some local local armed forces to join the revolutionary ranks, uprising. It's like a corporate takeover. We laugh that Chen Yizhou's thousand Oak Group is started by the acquisition of MOP, it is Deng Xiaoping's road.


A lot of things that have nothing to do with you, from another point of view, there will be a lot worth learning and learn from the place. My friend's education is right!

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