Some of the best foreign elasticsearch use cases

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"GitHub uses Elasticsearch to search 20TB of data, including 1.3 billion of files and 130 billion lines of code"

This does not need to introduce, the yards farmers understand, GitHub in January 2013 upgraded their code search, from SOLR to Elasticsearch, the current cluster size of 26 index storage nodes and 8 client nodes (responsible for processing search requests), see the official Blog

"Real-time search for 50 million location information. Foursquare use Elasticsearch to do such things every day. "

Foursquare is a mobile service site based on user location information and encourages mobile users to share information about their current location with others. Unlike other old-fashioned sites, the Foursquare user interface is designed primarily for mobile phones and is easy for mobile users to use.

"SoundCloud uses Elasticsearch to provide instant and accurate music search services for 180 million of users"

SoundCloud is a German website that offers music sharing community service, growing quickly, and the Alexa world ranking has reached No. 236 place. You can record or upload any sound online to SoundCloud to share with you, can upload online or through the software client to upload music files, no file size restrictions, but the free version limit upload audio length can not exceed 2 hours play time, each song limit up to 100 times download. SoundCloud allows music to be embedded in a Web page by means of a flash player.

Fog Creek
"Elasticsearch enables Fog Creek to query for one months and 30 million times in 40 billion lines of code"

"Elasticsearch is a key part of StumbleUpon and it offers millions of referrals every day for the community."

StumbleUpon is a Web site that you like to find the website, in the first registration, registration after the selection of things you are interested in, it will automatically help you recommend some pages, if you like this page on the point like button, press stumble button will recommend the next page.
At present, its data volume reaches 2.5 billion, the basic data is stored in hbase, and indexed with Elasticsearch, elasticsearch in which in addition to the search function there are in the recommendation and statistical functions. Previously they were using SOLR as a search because SOLR could not meet their business growth needs and replaced it with Elasticsearch.

Mozilla is famous for Firefox, which currently uses the Waronorange Project for unit or functional testing, and the results of the tests are indexed in JSON to Elasticsearch, and developers can easily find bugs.
Socorro is Mozilla's program crash reporting system, where an error message is inserted into HBase and Postgres, and then the data index is read from HBase to Elasticsearch for easy lookup.

Sony uses Elasticsearch as its information search engine

"At Infochimps, we've indexed 2.5 billion of documents, taking up a total of 4TB of space."
Infochimps is a start-up company in Austin, Texas, for the big data platform provider. It mainly provides large data processing solutions based on Hadoop.

These companies are using Elasticsearch

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