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My Speaker is 2.1. Why is the "Speaker" in "SRS audio sandbox" much richer than "stereo" in "5.1 sound? You must select "stereo" for the 2.1 speakers you want to view online ?!In addition, how do I set the "Speaker" on the "control panel" of my computer?

If you use the "SRS audio sandbox" setting, do not set it in the "control panel. SRS audio sandbox contains a series of SRS technologies that allow you to enjoy the best auditory effect when enjoying any music, movie, news or other audio sources. The parameters for each technology and the technology are described below. SRS wow hdsrs wow HD can be used to expand the audio intensity and create a sound and powerful bass, so that the dynamic performance of audio can be effectively improved regardless of whether the audio is compressed or not. The patented SRS wow HD technology enables the sound field to become wide horizontally and vertically, and restores some of the lost audio quality during audio production, this creates a more natural appreciation environment. Advanced Control: SRS 3D spatial amplitude-extended stereo space width of the speaker sound field SRS 3D central position-controls the front and back positions of the Sound Field Center (SRS 3d) mode-select the mode SRS trubass amplitude (SRS trubass) that best suits the current Speaker settings SRS focus amplitude-a patented audio technology, the SRS definition range limiter range has a unique capability to increase sound fields from the actual location of the speaker-removing glitch and impact sound SRS headphone 360 headphone 360 Technology established in the SRS lab's leading position in the HDTV field, you can use your earphones to truly rebroadcast 5.1 surround sound and support multi-channel audio sources, normal experience sound sources, and experience sound sources after surround sound encoding. Based on the SRS wow HD function provided for the experience sound source, it also includes the reverb adjustment that can be compared with the real listening environment and the virtual surround sound earphone. Advanced Control: reverb mode-changes the simulated room environment to create the most appropriate listening perception SRS definition amplitude SRS dialog clarity amplitude SRS trubass amplitude (SRS trubass) earphone size SRS circle surround II decoding world-renowned broadcast and television stations are using SRS circle surround encoding technology, this gives you the ability to transmit 6.1-channel surround sound sources in the full-band through any dual-channel. Advanced Control: Output gain-controls the output volume of each audio channel respectively. SRS trubass) speaker size SRS dialog clarity amplitude SRS trusurround xtsrs trusurround is the industry-leading surround sound solution, it can accurately rebroadcast loop sound Programs through two speakers. The patented technology in SRS trusurround XT allows you to extend the best listening point from the center of the two speakers to the maximum range to create the most ideal appreciation environment.


As we all know, SRS audio sandbox is recognized as the best sound software.

However, it is a pity that there is only a 14-day trial period. If there is a cracking attack, it will also cause a lot of loss. It is a pity for fans.

Now, I will teach you a practical and small way to enjoy the unlimited fun of SRS audio sandbox without 14 days of restrictions.

1. Cancel all hidden options of folders to display all files and folders. (I don't need to talk about this operation)

2. Enable the search function, search for srsssc in the hard disk, and search for the srsssc. INI and srsssc_presets.ini files are deleted. ini configuration files are basically on the system disk, sometimes there is a group, sometimes there are multiple groups; two files are a group ).

3. Run SRS audio sandbox again. Your trial period is 14 days later. Although a little complicated, it works very well.

2nd methods and steps:

Registration machine instructions for use:

1: After the English version is installed, copy the "srsssc" Chinese file to the main directory to overwrite the same name file to complete Chinese conversion!

2: Click -- --srsssc.exe mainProgramFile -- you can register successfully.

3: Then start "SRS audio sandbox ",

You can delete unnecessary language and audio files after installation.

Note !!! When using the registration patch, try to disconnect the network first, or you may never be able to register ...... (With this probability )!

SRS audio sandbox is the ultimate audio enhancement software for personal computers. The software provides amazing surround sound effects, strong bass effects and clarity, and can even be used for desktop speakers. It can act on all music, videos, and games on personal computers and provides special custom pre-settings.

SRS is a patented audio technology developed by SRS labs Based on the dynamics of human hearing system and psychoacoustics.

The SRS feature that two speakers can be used to create a realistic stereo field, and the system is suitable for all dual-channel audio sources, including all stereo and surround sound, it even contains audio sources encoded by other systems. For single-channel sound sources, SRS labs also has a simulated stereo Playback Technology named 3D mono. Currently, SRS labs SRS and 3D mono technologies have been widely accepted by major audio and video equipment manufacturers in many countries, it is widely used in professional audios, home audios, and car audios. So far, the total number of products using SRS labs worldwide has exceeded 15 million.

It is much better than DFX! The use of common headphones can also become a premium product with 5.1 audio venues-a good helper for gaming (such as CS, listening to music with two normal speakers can also become a clear stereo sound and the sound quality becomes clearer. It's really awkward ~

{Chinese interface description}

Content: There are four modes: Music, movie movies, game games, and voice;

Preset: music mode reservation. You have many options;

Speakers: headphones, two stereo speakers, laptop speakers portable speakers, four quadraphonic speakers, and 5.1 surround; -- [select your existing device]

Auto: automatically selects sound effects for processing.

I mainly want to listen to the "Music" and "movie" modes, because most
Environment: soundmax Digital Audio + jetaudio 6 + stormcodec 6 + Microlab a6311 + sennheiser hd437.

First, I listened to songs over n times. It was easy to hear the effects of SRS audio sandbox. At first glance, SRS audio sandbox didn't bring much surprise, and its voice changed slightly. It may be that it was not set properly. Option: Music + general + stereo + trusurround. XT, trusurround. there are not many XT settings, which are similar to WMP. If you have multiple sub-band settings, you can find the MP3 with srs2.0. The low frequency is 60Hz, the low frequency is 6, and the definition is 4. This time, the effect is a bit better. The low frequency is much more, and the sound field is also open. It's just a bit broken, And the bass is under the dive, the amount is not good, it is not strong, but it is better than the original
I believe someone will like it.

Select Wow again. HD requires many options, such as space, center surround, and bass. You can adjust the settings to achieve the best effect, I found that the setting of the surrounding space and center should not be too high. Otherwise, there would be slight noise, not a lot of noise, but it would pop up from time to time and I wonder whether it is related to the sound card. If wow. HD is set, the effect is better than trusurround. XT. The low frequency is improved, and the noise may be caused by some problems. Do you have such a situation?

Rendering: There are four manual audio processing modes.

1. wowhd: Enhanced audio quality

2. trusurroundxt: enables two speakers to create three-dimensional effect for multiple speakers

3. headphone360: deliver a true 5.1 surround sound field experience on the headset

4. Circle surround II: the three-dimensional effect of the Multi-tone field is applied to 5.1 and 6.1 users.

The effect settings are similar. You can simply set the effect based on your preferences. It is worth mentioning that the headphone 360tm in the "movie" mode will also watch the movie in the dark of night. hd437 serves this purpose, but if I use her again today, the effect cannot be the same as that in the day, this is due to the headphone 360tm mentioned just now. After adjusting the settings and watching a film, there was a sense of presence that we never felt before. You can click on/off to switch between them, the dialogue, background sound, and sound of the characters are just the opposite. This creates the momentum of the cinema. I think SRS audio sandbox is just for me. headphone 360tm is the most practical.

There are two types of "Movies": Action action movies and comedy/drama movies, another point is that the premise of using headphone 360tm must also accept occasional slight noise (which is the case for my camera ).

Summary: Although I only tried some of the sound effects of SRS audio sandbox, the overall performance shows that SRS audio sandbox still has merits. At least SRS audio sandbox is a real-time audio software, you can take over the sound card at startup. No additional settings are required for listening to songs, watching movies, or playing games. It eliminates the trouble of installing n multiple plug-ins. In addition, the sound effects of SRS audio sandbox are remarkable, and the effect of improving the low frequency and broadening the sound field is still obvious, which is better than the traditional EQ adjustment. Well, let's write so much. Let's get to know it .. Haha ~

I am a guy who pays more attention to sound quality. I used to buy mp3, and I tried to spend as much money as possible to buy mp3 instead of MP4.

At home, I often listen to songs. I started to use Winamp, Windows Media Player, and so on.

However, it is found that Windows Media Player has a sound enhancement function SRS (·), while others do not. Therefore, Windows Media Player has always been used, but the biggest drawback is that it uses too much memory!

I have no intention of discovering a sound enhancement software over the Internet recently. It is powerful as mentioned in the question! I installed a machine and tried it. Even if I listened to a normal song with a quiet voice, there were obvious differences between opening it and not opening it. It can be used to enhance the effect of the bass, definition, and 3D space. In short, it has a great improvement in sound effects. It is a good helper for players who love music. I am not bragging about it, I know it only when I used it!

So we strongly recommend that you use it!

1. The system has no sound after installation.

A: Pay attention to settings. Select the correct output device. Also, pay attention to whether the system and player are muted or the volume is adjusted to a minimum. In some cases, simply restart the device if the settings are not correct.

2. Sometimes music breaks

A: I found that some music breaks were originally caused by the music file itself. I checked the attributes of the MP3 file. For example, when playing a single-channel MP3 file, I occasionally say a beep, please download the MP3 file again or convert it to stereo by using software.

3. After the music is played for a long time, the sound gets stuck and repeats repeatedly.

A: It is initially suspected that it is a problem of system optimization, that is, the fault caused by "uninstalling useless Dynamic Links in Automatic Memory" (invalid, it seems that only official updates are expected)

Solution: Run regedit to open the registry and locate HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SOFTWARE \ Microsoft \ Windows \ CurrentVersion \ Explorer.
Change the DWORD Value of "alwaysunloaddll" to 0 (if this item is not available, you do not need to modify it)

In addition, use the pay attention setting of the pause listener and check "do not play continuously when an error occurs". This is because some music files are damaged and cannot be played by the player!

4. After the music is played for a long time, the sound gets stuck and repeats repeatedly.

A: It is initially suspected that it is a problem of system optimization, that is, the fault caused by "uninstalling useless Dynamic Links in Automatic Memory" (invalid, it seems that only official updates are expected)

Solution: Run regedit to open the registry and locate HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SOFTWARE \ Microsoft \ Windows \ CurrentVersion \ Explorer.
Change the DWORD Value of "alwaysunloaddll" to 0 (if this item is not available, you do not need to modify it)

In addition, use the pay attention setting of the pause listener and check "do not play continuously when an error occurs". This is because some music files are damaged and cannot be played by the player.

5. You also need to pay attention to the sound frequency settings. For example, if the settings are too high or too low, some sounds may not be played, which is generally the default value.

6. 5.1 channels cannot be set for the notebook

A: Some laptops cannot set 5.1 channels. This may be related to the sound card type and driver. However, for some books, the sound card may not support multi-channel rendering. Although SRS is a simulation, but you need hardware support.

SRS uses the CPU to complete a sound card processing process, that is, the CPU clock speed is required to be stable, this is a demanding product for the continuously-frequency-hopping Core 2 mobile platform. It is impossible to give up power-saving because t61 has not been used so far. Otherwise, the sound will be disconnected one card at a time when switching the program. <From network> 〉

We recommend that you use stereo sound when you cannot configure a 5.1-channel notebook. This setting works well.

7. Some music may sound bad.

A, it was almost lost in the first 30 days. The cause of these significant differences mainly depends on the gain information in the MP3 file. Gain is equivalent to the volume, but it is in an MP3 file. It tells the player how much volume to play the file. (The volume here is independent from the volume we usually adjust) because the gain of some MP3 players is too large, although MP3 players do not feel much burst sound and distortion when using the balancer. However, because the trubass Technology in SRS uses the bass dynamic lifting technology, when trubass or wow is used, the output power will multiply, the music is already very loud, and this increase will lead to distortion or sound burst due to a serious excess of the 11 MW + 11 mW output power designed by the 3520 chip. Now that the key to the problem is found, the goal of solving the problem naturally comes out. The goal is to reduce the volume of MP3 music files to a normal level.
Actual Operation steps: Open the song you want to adjust the volume to the playlist ==> select the MP3 music file to adjust the volume ==> right-click ==> playback gain ==> scan gain information. In this case, a new dialog box is displayed, showing the scanning progress of the gain information of each file. Soon, the song gain information was scanned. Upload these songs to the MP3 player and play them. Do you hate the music? If you open trubass to 7, 8, or even 10, there will be no sound. Strong bass, high-pitched music is no longer harsh. This is what SRs should show! In fact, it's not that SRS is bad, but that you don't know how to use it. After such optimization, I believe you have heard of it, and you will never say how much difference the SRS has. (I transferred it from the network and edited it here. I only hope to help you)

In view of this, for example, you can select "automatically scan files that do not contain gain information when playing" and "Skip files that contain gain information when scanning gain information" in the listener settings ", or select "enable playback gain", but the volume of some music will decrease.

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