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WinRunner 8.0 Enterprise-Class testing tools

Download 190M

QuickTest Pro 8.2 Chinese version powerful test tool

Download 250M

qacenter--Software black Box testing tool

Compuware's Qacenter family integrates a number of powerful automated tools that fit the testing of mainframe applications
Requirements to enable the development team to achieve consistent and reliable application performance.
About 500M

IBM Rational Robot

Rational Robot can create, modify, and perform automated functional testing, distributed functional testing, regression testing, and integration testing for software applications built using a variety of integrated development environments (Ides) and languages.
Download 530M

Mercury Automation test Software

Mercury QuickTest Professional is an advanced automated test solution for creating functionality and regression testing. It automatically captures, validates, and replays the user's interaction behavior.
Download 510M

LoadRunner 8.0 (Industrial Level test tool):
Mercury LoadRunner is an industry-level standard performance test load test tool for predicting system behavior and performance. LoadRunner is able to test the entire enterprise architecture by identifying and locating problems by simulating tens of millions of users in the form of concurrent load and real-time performance monitoring. By using LoadRunner, organizations can minimize test time, optimize performance, and accelerate the release cycle of application systems.

Download 300M

Autorunner Small Automated Test tool

Need java1.5 support. (But how can I debug the normal recording!!) )

Download approx. 8M

In fact, I need a can replace the manual repeatedly input data to test the small tool, the front of a good hundreds of M software is not dare to use. Looks like Autorunner is more appropriate, but do not know why always can not run normally, do not know if there is no successful installation.

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