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probably because this website is called the Programming Gateway Network, the website mailbox often receives the programming learning aspect question. It's not always the way to reply, so this article is the only one. Article to the top of the homepage after everyone can see, this is probably a once and for all method.

Explain: I am not an expert, hand is not high, the following is just my personal views on the common problems of netizens, for reference only. I would be honored if I could offer a little help to others.

How long does it take to learn to program?

This is due to people. Usually, from the first "Hello world" to the more proficient writing code, this process may be longer than learning other computer technology. For example, the study of Photoshop, many people have three or two months can be competent photo studio to deal with photos such work. And the same time, who can guarantee you can become a skilled programmer?

Second, learning programming needs what basis?

Theoretically speaking, learning programming requires a better mathematical basis and logical thinking ability, and English is better.

On the basis of mathematics and English, I think beginners have high school level. Among these three points, I think the most important thing is the cultivation of logical thinking ability. Learning programming process, in fact, is the process of training logical thinking ability, is to master the process of programming ideas.

After getting started with programming, if you want to improve your programming level, you may have more knowledge: data structure, algorithms, computer principles, compiler principles and operating system principles, and other theoretical foundations of computer science, as well as algebraic systems, graphs and discrete mathematics and other mathematical theories.

Three, old age can learn programming?

Yes, of course, why not? The so-called "live to old, learn old", 40 or 50-year-old is still learning programming abound, but the young people in memory and other aspects of the advantage is very obvious. If you want to learn a programming language and later as your career, you should know that companies have age limits when it comes to hiring.

What kind of programming language to learn?

Many friends like to see Martial arts novels, here I play such an analogy:. NET and Java is equivalent to Shaolin faction and Wudang faction in the martial arts, the two-door faction has a huge influence, many people, if you put them under, is very natural things; and Delphi, PHP and other languages, such as Huashan, Qingcheng, such as the door, is also a decent, if you put their doors, Art after the same can smile proud.

Let's think about our school days: Many students in the same classroom to learn the same curriculum, there are many difficult problems without trouble teachers, ask students can be solved. Learning programming is the same, if you are surrounded by friends proficient in a certain language, and you are learning the language, think about it, you will get a lot of help?

Suppose I have just graduated from high school, small age and early to the factory to work people, to do apprenticeships, I learn programming just to master a technology, so that the future may have good development. In this scenario, I might learn more popular languages such as Java, C #, C + +, and PHP, and the advantage of learning popular language is that there are many job opportunities; mobile development is now hot, seemingly money scene good, Android can also be considered in the list.

Let's say I'm happy with my job and I'm a very stable person in every way. At this time I am learning programming, there is no need to follow the fashion, fashion, I will learn some work related to their own, the work of the language. For example: I work in the Office, the special financial software is too large to meet the personality needs of their work. So I can learn VFP or powerbuilder these focus on the data processing language, according to their own needs, write programs to the original scattered in the various Excel documents in the unified management of data, so that both convenient work, but also to get good evaluation, and even become colleagues in the eyes of the "master"; For example, if I work for a web company, I look at the company's programmers and technicians every day with admiration. In this scenario, if I learn to program, I will probably learn some Web programming languages related to the business of the company.

Suppose I have a lot of friends who have learned to program and give up halfway, which leads to my lack of confidence. Then, I need to cultivate their own interests and confidence, I may be from VB, VFP and other easier to start the language to learn, these languages can easily make some examples, giving a sense of achievement. Until I installed Visual Studio on my computer and started writing the first program, I realized: This is not like VB, drag and drop some controls, and then write code for each event ...

Suppose I learn programming purely to satisfy curiosity, and there is no other factor in it. Many people think that programming is difficult to learn, but it is the blame of the hands. Well, I have to learn C + +, be sure to tame the pointer. Until a few years later, suddenly look back ...

Suppose I am an indecisive person, thinking for many days still without making a decision. Every day surfing the internet, I found how to have so many recruit web programmers? Yes, and Php+mysql, as long as I have mastered one of them, I can find work in any city.

In short, choose the programming language to choose the most suitable for you, not the best programming language, only the most suitable for your programming language.

Five, programming money?

The software industry's wages should be higher than the general industry, but developers need to bear the higher work pressure, stay up late overtime is commonplace, this is necessary to consider.

Generally speaking, regular companies and large companies pay more than the salary and treatment. There are regional differences, but also the ability to see the individual. For example, the main course, using the same language and doing similar work, the big companies in the first-tier cities may pay a monthly salary, but in a small place, it may be only three or 2000.

At the same time also look at the industry and the choice of programming language. Java and PHP, for example, are very popular, but Java programmers and PHP programmers are not paid the highest salaries, but some developers who use relatively unpopular programming languages can get higher salaries.

Vi. How to learn Web programming?

Learning Web programming, the general need to understand the front end of the html/css, but also to master a database technology. Learning any programming language will almost always involve the database, database technology and programming are inseparable.

Take me to learn process for example, and C # itself did not let me feel what, but it is to let the CSS bothered for a long time, and finally, of course, take time to make up for the bad CSS. So I think that before learning any one of the Web programming languages, it is best to lay a good foundation for HTML/CSS.

What should you pay attention to when you learn programming?

Multi-brain, practice, lay a good foundation, develop good coding habits. In addition, there must be perseverance, not "Santian, two days".

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