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Recently, some colleagues asked me some notes about preparing for the csqa test. I recalled my preparations for the csqa sprint and hoped to help you prepare for the test.


Like the general exam, I think that in addition to teaching materials, we have to grasp two points in the sprint preparation stage. One is the exercise review and the other is the outline.


Exercise Review

In my case alone, about 1/3 of the questions I had taken during the examination were previously done, including subjective questions, which were basically unchanged.


How can I find a review? In the following forum, I have seen a wide range of questions, and do not underestimate some of the links to the blog. Some of them are very useful.


There are also a lot of questions under files in some yahoo groups. sqafolks is recommended by me. Although these groups are generally not very popular, their historical materials are rich.

The only drawback is that there is basically no answer to the exercise review. Even if there is an answer, it is only done by netizens themselves. Therefore, when doing a review, you must correspond to the book. I was too lazy at the time. I found the answer in the book and did not write down my own answer. If you are interested, you can record it yourself. :) it will definitely help later friends.


The exam consists of four papers, two objective questions and two subjective questions. The sequence is objective questions, subjective questions, objective questions, and subjective questions. The first two focuses on theory, and the last two focuses on practice.

Objective questions

The first objective question is mainly about the concepts of everyone, either the definition of concepts or the comparison of multiple concepts. It is very basic and has no traps. That is, yes, yes, no. Therefore, the vocabulary behind cbok must have passed. Never be hard to be abbreviated. In this part, we need to win points.


The second objective question is more difficult. Compared to other parts, my score is the lowest, and my score is the lowest according to the average score distribution of all people. This part is generally based on the situation to ask questions, that is, to introduce the situation or case of the question, and then ask questions. However, I still understand the basic concepts of the test. I said this part is difficult, not because of how deep and biased he is, but because he has obtained a wide range of tests. It should be emphasized that we should not ignore or despise the last two chapters. The last two chapters seem to be at the end, and they have little to do with our work. In fact, their importance is no worse than that of other chapters. Questions and scores are generally evenly distributed in each chapter. I lose a lot in this part because I have to rely on the last two chapters. According to my experience, every time I see the last two chapters of the 500-plus-page English document, I have to feel overwhelmed. In addition, we usually have little contact with the two chapters, which is naturally a weak link. Of course, the weakness of everyone is also the pull point. j


Subjective questions

The first subjective question is the same as the first objective question. The ten subjective questions are basically one chapter, so that everyone knows that the top priority of each chapter should be kept in mind. This is similar to the previous political examination. Back up the outline and back up the key points so that you can get points.


The second subjective question, because this part is the last one, and more than three hours have passed. In addition, the second objective question may encounter some difficulties, and the mood is the most important. It is actually normal to encounter difficulties in the previous part. Look at the following table for the average distribution. The third part is not very good. Therefore, adjust the rest time.

Exam Part 1


Exam Part 2


Exam Part 3


Exam Part 4


The last part is called contact practice, which is actually relatively simple. In essence, it is still a concept. This is generally the case for many questions. First, ask you about the attributes of a concept or concept, and then let you give an example. For example, what is workbench? What are the elements, and then let you give a workbench example and draw a picture; or introduce a situation, ask what you should do, in fact, ask some steps of doing things, they are all ready-made in the book, for example, if you want your company to select a benchmark, what should you do.

In general, the subjective questions are compared. Before the test, I was most worried about subjective questions. But after the test, I saw the average score distribution, and found that subjective questions generally scored 10 more points than objective questions. Some people also say that the subjective questions of foreigners are a little loose, maybe.



It is very important, especially in the sprint stage. When I come to the next stage, I will repeat the outline and back up the outline. I am too lazy. I didn't do it, but changed teaching materials, so I couldn't work perfectly with the current cbok, and there were omissions (I just read the book when I leaked it), but it was really useful. I don't know how to upload the materials. If someone asks for the materials, leave an email or send me a message.

The above is mainly for those who want to take the csqa certification exam in the near future. If the schedule test is not very tight, I suggest you refer to some other testing theories to read the book, which is quite impressive.


In the end, the four-hour exam is a physical work, and you can do your best to improve yourself.

I hope the above content will help you and wish you good luck in the examination.

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