Some views on the principle of compiling

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Compiler is one of the basic components of modern computer systems, and most computer systems are equipped with more than one high-level language compiler, for some high-level language even equipped with a number of different performance of the compiler program, enough to see his importance. And the compiler can be seen as a translation program, so it is important to understand the principles of the process.

1. What is the principle of compiling?

Compiling principle is an important specialized course in computer science, which aims to introduce the general principle and basic method of compiling program construction. The content includes language and grammar, lexical analysis, parsing, grammar guidance and translation, intermediate code generation, storage management, code optimization, and target code generation. The compiling principle is an important specialized course of computer professional setup.

2. What are the benefits of learning how to compile?

Compiling principle is an important course of computer speciality, which provides systematic and effective training for students in theory, technique and method, which is helpful to improve the quality and ability of software personnel. If you learn this course well, you can not only understand how the compiler manages memory, variables and code, and its processing, but also improve its ability to write more concise and efficient programs, and thus have a considerable effect on writing programs and understanding programs.

3. What loss does not learn?

If you do not learn the course so much will have some impact on the understanding and writing of the program.

4. How to learn the principle of compiling?

First of all prepared, read more books, do not fear, the book did not understand it is okay, to see a few times, or even dozens of times, is not a word: book read times, its righteousness from See, but also combined with the textbook behind the exercises to do more thinking and analogy, these are the most basic method, in the process of learning to induce their own difficulties Then focus on breaking through, do more hands-on. For example, to do a virtual machine, on the basis of virtual machines to develop their own language and compilers, to strengthen the practice, of course, do not need you to do these how complex, the main purpose is to combine the theory of learning, is to more deeply understand the books of those abstract things, there is to be interested, interest is the most important .......

Some views on the principle of compiling

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