Son's wise questions about happiness

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In the evening, I felt uncomfortable and asked my husband to give me a grapefruit.

After a while, I was busy with one thing. My husband handed the proxied grapefruit to his lips. Well, this grapefruit tastes good. I said, What are you busy with? It's a common scenario.

When I was busy, sitting on the sofa, My son asked me, "Are you happy ?" I thought I was wrong, because my son is only two and a half years old, that is, he was able to speak three or four months ago. I asked, "What do you mean, baby ?" He repeat it again: "happy or unhappy ?" I did not hear the error. Very touched, just smile and say "Happy ~"

My son took out half of the grapefruit from his mouth and fed it to my mouth. "My father also fed me, and I also fed my mother ."

At this moment, I suddenly realized that my son had not come out of the scene just now and was waiting for it.

Parents are really the first teachers of children, and they become teachers of others unconsciously. It's just saying, teaching, and teaching are invisible. In the future, we will continue to give more positive things to our children.

What surprised me more is that my baby is so small that I can ask such a wise and profound topic ~

Son's wise questions about happiness

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