Sorrow of Chinese online games! Destroy seven disgusting settings of Chinese online games

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Introduction: online games made in China are growing up. Many representative settings of online games made in China are available. Although on the surface it is convenient for gamers, these settings may also destroy the cancer of Chinese online games.

I. Automatic route searching
When it comes to the most representative online game settings with Chinese characteristics, we can find the path automatically. This setting is designed to simplify player operations and improve the gaming experience, but it is actually very harmful to the game. In general, online games are mostly MMORPG. This kind of game aims to build an overhead world, from which players get a strange experience of life. The exploration of this world should be a major source of game fun, but it is really annoying to be on the road and find someone. To solve this problem, foreign designers make game map exploration more interesting and more diversified in the game, so as to make up for the boring journey of players. However, Chinese designers are obviously much smarter, so they have come up with the "Automatic path searching" setting-but this is actually advocating the impetuous mentality of players who are eager for quick success, and trample on the original fun of the game.

Ii. Automatic blame
Sometimes you have to admit that China is a magical land, no matter how incredible it looks, it may happen here. For example, the plug-ins are intended to be tough for all game manufacturers, but in China, game manufacturers develop their own plug-ins to differentiate themselves, this plug-in system developed by the manufacturer is called "Internal mounting ". Of course, Chinese planners won't be so straightforward-people, after all, all face-to-face-they will demonstrate this function as "automatic blame", it's really bright.
A major difference between online games and documentary machines is that the greatest pleasure of online games lies in communication. This communication not only refers to the chat between players, including various interactive activities such as teaming, encountering, or even snatching monsters, communication. But after it comes out, what you see in the game is not a living person, but a temporary NPC. What are the benefits of this solution to Chinese games?

Iii. Baby substitutes
The criteria for determining whether an online game is good or bad is to see if it sells baby substitutes. If so, you should immediately give up on it. The so-called babysitter means that even if the player's role is offline, you can use this treasure to continue leveling and still gain experience. Each game has a different name for this setting, but one thing is that it must spend money. Therefore, in this sense, it is actually the game official selling experience values and character levels.
The experience of selling people by the operator itself can be thought out of such incredible things. It is really admirable that China's online game plans are extremely intelligent.

4. binning
You don't have to say "open a box". This is a gambling system. It is said that after the launch of this system, the Macao people regret it: they knew what kind of casino they were going to launch. Box-opening is already banned by the State, and now there is a resurgence, but now it is no longer a box, but a sock or something. In short, as long as you give money, that is, they are willing to develop the game planning brain.

5. Unlimited PK
PK is definitely one of the most important online games. The fun of competing with people always stimulates players to produce fresh adrenal hormones. However, it does not mean that the PK can be unrestricted and can be as desired. Mainstream online games outside China have more or less restrictions on PK. For example, the most classic setting is "red name". When you kill people, you will also become the target. However, the mainstream of domestic online games seems to be encouraging players to do so. At least, there are no restrictions. Many domestic online games allow a high-level player to break into the activity area of low-level players, and launch the kill without fear. This option does not impose any restrictions on the primary key. In fact, it encourages gamers to indiscriminately launch attacks and make it easy for game players to take advantage of the opportunity to sell such "strong and weak" power.
What kind of players will such games cultivate? What kind of game environment will such players create? What kind of hope can such a game environment bring to domestic games?

Vi. Marriage System
Although there are 37 million bachelors in China, I still think that opening a virtual "wedding" System in online games is the most unacceptable. Online Games may have been a dating platform, but you cannot make it into a matchmaking agency! If we say that we only provide gamers with a virtual wedding ceremony in the game, we hate that some online games also offer the skills, mounts, and items available to couples ...... Wait a moment. It's just a matter of forcing players to soak up girls, even a demon. Now many online games have gone further and launched the "get married and have children" system, which can only be referred to as a brainless system.
Marriage and children, these settings let domestic online games emit a strong sense of hormones.

VII. Enemy list
The enemy system is also a major feature of Chinese online games. It is a brother with "Unlimited PK": If you are killed, the system will automatically add it to your enemy list. What to add? It is definitely not for you to guard against each other, but for the players to remember this "enemy" and wait for a high level of revenge in the future. This is basically the interpersonal relationship between gamers, and reinforcement of hatred and revenge. Obviously, the game Chamber of Commerce gets a lot of profit from the player's revenge behavior. For example, selling a kind of item can send you to your enemy, so that no matter where he fled, you can always fight for it.
But in this way, the gaming environment will inevitably deteriorate, because the system itself is amplifying the dark side of players. What's more, provocation and solicitation of others are evil, and I have never seen anyone do evil, and dare to say that the money I earn is clean.

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