Sort out the learning for half a month (7.1-7.15)

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In June 30, other students began to seek internships. I realized the severity of my problem and began to learn programming. I have been studying for seven years, but I don't know how to program it. How can I find my job.

At first, I learned how to develop a connected video game for Android, and then started to install the environment until the test was successful.

Then I saw a Linux book and read it. I understood a little bit about the C language and I learned what programming is. I learned it for two days.

After receiving a call for an interview, I thought it was about JSP. So I started to install the environment and install myeclipse to guide the test.

The next day, during the interview, I learned that it was originally about Android mobile phone development, and it is back to the original point. It seems that the world of the program is the same. Ask me about my graduation project and Java project.

I learned a little about communication when I was learning Linux. I just talked about my undergraduate design. In fact, it was totally **, but it was made in C ++. I said it was c, because I dare not say that I am C ++, because I don't know at all.

Java projects help me **, so I'm not confident. I myself made an ASP Website independently, and I forgot about it now. But it should be difficult to review.

When you start to study Android development in a crazy way, sometimes there is no need to rush for success or come as planned. Scholars and scholars will find that you have mastered it unconsciously.

I developed an android program and handed it to the interviewer for an internship.

This is based on Java, so I took out the Java program I had written by the teacher and found it difficult. This was written by wzh for me. At that time, I knew I would not program it, but I just don't want to learn, I don't know why, and I don't dare to face myself.

Now, today, what I want to do in the future is to organize the Java project, and I can talk about it with confidence in the future interview.

Review Graduation Project

Internship Program

This is a long road... I believe that I will succeed.

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