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Style sheet with the development of network technology, sound has gradually become a major factor in the process of Web page making.

Using CSS style forms to add sounds to your Web pages gives you the flexibility to provide multiple display modes in the true sense of the document.

As the sound is spread in space, and has continuity, so the new unit naturally there will be deg angle, grad gradient, Rad Radian, MS and S, and the rest is the sound itself unit Hz and khz. First, let's talk about the properties of sound.

Volume property, which is a property that sets the sound size, which can be selected with the attribute value: Silent/x-soft/soft/medium/loud/x-loud, or directly using a percent value. This attribute is not qualified, can be used for all elements, the initial default value medium, where the percentage range is from 0% to 100%, but not that 0% is no sound, here is only a relative size, indicating that the minimum volume that the user can hear corresponds to the X-soft, It is silent to say that there is no sound at all.

The Pause-before property value is expressed as a:< time value >/< percent value, which is the pause before the element is represented. It can be applied to all elements, but it has no inherited properties, and its pause length refers to the "Speech-rate" property value.

The Pause-after property value is expressed as a < time value >/< percent value, and it is easy to associate it with the definition element after it is paused, and we do not repeat the discussion here.

The Pause property value is expressed as a:[< time value >/< percent value >]{1,2}, which is a simple form of pause-before and pause-after combination, such as H1{pause:20ms},h2{pause : 20ms40ms} is the first sentence before and after the pause 30 milliseconds, the second sentence before the pause 20 milliseconds after 40 milliseconds.

Cue, Cue-before, Cue-after property values:/none, which is used to insert sounds before and after elements and to differentiate elements. Using cue, the elements use the same sound before and after, and using Cue-before, Cue-after can use different sounds before and after the element. This attribute is not inherited at the same time.

The Play-during property value is expressed as: Mix?repeat?/auto/none, which specifies what background sound should be in the element when it is playing. If you leave "mix" then the background sound of the child element will be mixed with the background sound of the ancestor element, and if "Repeat" is selected, then only the background sound of the current element will be played, and if the background sound is longer than the element, the background sound stops immediately when the element is played.

Here we go on to describe the space attribute.

Azimuth property value:< Angle value >/[[left-side/far-left/left/center-left/center/center/center-right/right/far-right/ Right-side]//behind]/leftwards/rightwards, literally said "azimuth" is the meaning of azimuth, its value can be 360 degrees to +360 degrees between the range of values. 0 degrees are directly in the center of the sound field, 90 degrees to represent the right, 180 degrees, 270 degrees to the left, and we can use the relative keyword, this property is very useful for the spatial three-dimensional effect of sound.

Elevation property value:/below/level/above/highter/lower, which is used to set the elevation position of the sound source. Values range from 90 to + 90 degrees. The default definition is 0 degrees in front of the horizontal direction, +90 degrees for the head vertical direction,-90 degrees represents the vertical upward from the bottom.

Finally, let's talk about speech properties.

Speech-rate Property value:/x-slow/slow/medium/fast/x-fast/faster/slower, actually this property we've seen before, it's a property value that specifies the reading speed. We can use a relative or absolute keyword to specify the attribute value, and if it is a numeric value, then the word count is read every minute. It is an inherited property.

voice-family property value: [[/],]*[/], similar to the Font-family property, defines the type of sound that can be applied to all elements and has inherited properties. For example: H1{voice-family:announcer,male}.

The pitch property value is expressed as:/x-low/low/medium/high/x-high, which uses the Hertz unit to specify the average pitch standard for the reading sound.

Pitch-range property value:< percent value, this property is a percentage value to specify the pitch, 0% of the volume range represents a flat, monotonous sound, 50% represents the normal sound, if greater than 50% is the treble.

Stress property value:< percent value, which represents the level of voice emphasis, which is useful for English.

Richness property value:< percent value, which determines how saturated the reading sound is, and if this value is lowered, the sound becomes softer.

Speak-punctuation Property Value: Code/none, use this property to pause when reading parentheses or dashes.

Speak-date Property Value: Myd/dmy/ymd, the way we specify the reading date in this attribute, we can use different ways of reading according to people's different habits.

Speak-numeral Property Value: Digits/continous/none, this property is used to control the reading of the number of methods, where "digits" represented by the number of a read, "Continous" represents a continuous reading.

Speak-time Property value: 24/12/none, which is the reading way of the property control time.

Here we will all the CSS control sound properties are introduced, I hope to help.

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