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Software Quality is becoming more and more important. Due to software quality problems, it may cause serious economic losses or even disasters. Source code analysis is a technology that discovers code defects by analyzing source code. It is one of the most effective methods to improve software quality. Source code analysis technology has been developing for more than 20 years. It does not need to design test cases or run programs. Therefore, it is widely used in various industries.

The defect-free Code ensures the development progress and agility. To develop defect-free code for defect control within the implementation phase, a set of solutions should be developed to enable developers to control the process of discovering and removing defects and enhance collaboration between developers, to eliminate defects as soon as possible.

As an excellent source code analysis tool, klocwork insight fully supports inspection of various types of coding defects. developers can control the analysis process and, without further review, obtain the accuracy and Effect of centralized analysis. Klocwork insight supports the main principles of agile development and provides the following special features:

  Online desktop AnalysisKlocwork can be integrated with the customer's development environment, both in personal development environment level analysis and system integration level analysis. Unlike other tools, klocwork insight provides online desktop analysis (patented technology ). Through online desktop analysis, developers can discover defects more accurately at the first time. This function allows developers to perform quick local source code analysis in their own environments. This analysis can collect the global information of the system to improve the analysis accuracy, it also provides developers with the Collaborative Defect Removal Function.

  Check the defect-free codeBefore the code is checked into the code base, klocwork can be used to quickly analyze the code to discover and eliminate the defects, so as to avoid the defects flowing into the public scope and subsequent stages. This highly efficient defect scanning method without the need to design test cases and execute programs greatly improves agility.

  Software Measurement and ReportingKlocwork insight provides over 100 types of objective and operational measurements that can be calculated directly from software code. Klocwork's software measurement function can answer critical questions about the software development process. For example, a key issue in Agile development is: Are Software defects discovered and fixed in the developer's desktop environment, or are they leaked to the Integration Build stage? Klocwork insight can automatically collect detected and repaired defects on the desktop before the defects have spread to the code stream. This unique feature enables the development team to better understand the defect control activities. This feature combines custom measurement models to make statistical analysis of measurements based on people, development groups, regions, software components, or any other attributes suitable for the Organization. the code with the highest risk in the code library can be identified at the early stage of iteration.

  ReconstructionKlocwork insight supports refactoring. Refactoring is an agile technology, that is, re-constructing code units without changing software functions to simplify design and operations. Klocwork insight provides a graphical representation of source code to display components, blocks, and sub-blocks of the system and their associations and dependencies. It helps you analyze the impact of code. The architecture analysis capability of the code can also be used for "what if" analysis to construct a system with better maintainability, reusability, and lower complexity.

  Reduce total costAgile development teams usually work in environments that require strict cost control. Klocwork insight has strong comprehensive analysis capabilities. Software development institutions only need to deploy such a tool to provide comprehensive functions and reduce costs: supports C, C ++, and Java languages; detection of critical defects; detection of security vulnerabilities; System Architecture Analysis and re-engineering; generation and management of over 100 software measurements. After using the klocwork tool, the agile development team can also reduce the risk of detecting software defects at the user's site, thus directly affecting the actual cost of the software.

The klocwork Development Team is an agile development team. klocwork uses klocwork insight to analyze the klocwork source code, and is a practitioner and beneficiary of the source code analysis combined with agile development. Currently, klocwork is widely used in many well-known software companies in the world. It has over 350 successful customers, including Motorola, Alcatel-Lucent, Philips, and Cisco.

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