Source code of the kugou7 Interface

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Source code name:Source code of the kugou7 Interface

Source code Author:Deng xuebin)

Source code description:Contains the VC ++ source code and easy language source code. Contains the source code of all images (edited using fireworks)

Development Environment:VC version -- vs2005, gdiplus; easy language version -- easy language 5, no module

Implementation Method:Add the ws_ex_layered style to the window, use gdiplus to draw an image, and then updatelayeredwindow. Process messages such as wm_mousehover and wm_mouseleave. move the cursor to or from the mouse to draw different statuses.

Note:It's just a preliminary imitation. The sub-control operation is not responded. If you are interested, continue to improve it.

Interface communication:"Software UI Technology Research" QQ Group 2423632 non-teaching group, welcome friends who have some experience in the UI to join.
Functional interfaces complement each other, focus on software interface design, strive to improve user experience, and strive to improve software value



Main source code:

Void ckugouuidlg: drawui (void) <br/>{< br/> HDC =:: getdc (m_hwnd); <br/> HDC hmemdc = :: createcompatibledc (HDC); <br/> bitmapinfo. bmiheader. bisize = sizeof (bitmapinfoheader); <br/> bitmapinfo. bmiheader. bibitcount = 32; <br/> bitmapinfo. bmiheader. biheight = m_kugouui.height; <br/> bitmapinfo. bmiheader. biwidth = m_kugouui.width; <br/> bitmapinfo. bmiheader. biplanes = 1; <br/> bitmapinfo. bmiheader. bicompression = bi_rgb; <br/> bitmapinfo. bmiheader. bixpelspermeter = 0; <br/> bitmapinfo. bmiheader. biypelspermeter = 0; <br/> bitmapinfo. bmiheader. biclrused = 0; <br/> bitmapinfo. bmiheader. biclrimportant = 0; <br/> bitmapinfo. bmiheader. bisizeimage = bitmapinfo. bmiheader. biwidth * bitmapinfo. bmiheader. biheight * bitmapinfo. bmiheader. bibitcount/8; <br/> hbitmap =: createdibsection (hmemdc, & bitmapinfo, 0, null, 0, 0); <br/> hbitmap holdbitmap = (hbitmap ):: SelectObject (hmemdc, hbitmap); <br/> graphics g (hmemdc); <br/> // draw each interface element ------------------ <br/> drawitem (& G, m_kugouui.left); <br/> drawitem (& G,; <br/> drawitem (& G, m_kugouui.right); <br/> drawitem (& G, m_kugouui.bottom ); <br/> drawitem (& G, m_kugouui.main); <br/> for (INT I = 0; I <4; I ++) <br/> drawitem (& G, m_kugouui.item [I]); <br/> // set the transparent window partition <br/> cpoint destpt (0, 0); <br/> csize psize (m_kugouui.width, m_kugouui.height ); <br/> blendfunction blendfunc32bpp; <br/> blendfunc32bpp. alphaformat = ac_src_alpha; <br/> blendfunc32bpp. blendflags = 0; <br/> blendfunc32bpp. blendop = ac_src_over; <br/> blendfunc32bpp. sourceconstantalpha = 255; <br/>: updatelayeredwindow (m_hwnd, HDC, null, & psize, hmemdc, & destpt, 0, & blendfunc32bpp, ulw_alpha ); <br/> // release the resource metadata <br/>: SelectObject (hmemdc, holdbitmap); <br/>: deleteobject (hbitmap); <br/> :: deletedc (hmemdc); <br/>: releasedc (m_hwnd, HDC); <br/>}


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